cash pick up

Cash Pick Up

Ensure the safe delivery of your cash deposits

Cash Pick Up

Ensure the safe delivery of your cash deposits

At a Glance
If your business involves handling cash on a day-to-day basis with your customers, such as retail merchandising, then safeguard your cash deposits with DBS Cash Pick Up Service

Servicing Across 600 location Pan India

Our designated service provider will simply collect the cash from your business premises at over 600 locations pan India and deliver your funds directly to DBS on your behalf


Safe Cash Delivery

We ensure your cash matters are taken care of & safely delivered to DBS, so that you can now  focus on running your business efficiently

Features & Benefits

Cash collected at your doorstep

Enjoy added convenience by arranging to have your cash collected at your doorstep and sent directly to DBS on the same day for depositing into your account


Servicing Across 600 location Pan India

Ensure your cash will be delivered safely and promptly through our designated service provider and our daily pick-ups at over 600 locations


Reduce Risk of Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraud, accidental loss or mishandling of cash with our cash in-transit insurance, which we provide to ensure your cash is safely delivered to DBS



Arrange for the frequency of collection to suit your business needs. On demand cash pick up is available on request and multiple pick-ups per day can also be arranged

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Alternatively, you can reach us at 1800 103 6500 / 1800 419 9500

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How do I know that my funds are safe and what are the charges for this service?

We have insured your cash with our Cash In-Transit Insurance that ensures the cash collected at your premises remains protected till the time it is deposited into your account. The insurance covers the transition and storage of cash during transportation and is highly secure with a hidden code identification mechanism deployed at the time of the cash collection by the authorised personnel.

The charges will vary depending on several factors such as frequency, pick up location and timing. Please call any of our Branches or your Relationship Manager to know more.

What is the frequency of collection?

The frequency of collection can be arranged to suit your business needs. For example, you may choose from daily collection to once a week.