Quick and seamless collection solution for merchants


Quick and seamless collection solution for merchants

At a Glance
Our suite of DBS MAX solutions allows immediate collections from consumers or business partners, provides instant notifications and facilitates easy reconciliation.


Access a large base of customers and collect from any of the participating banks



Cater to any business models, e.g. collect from retail customers, business partners via your business platforms and applications



Reduce processing and handling costs of cash and cheques

Features & Benefits

Generate merchant QR code for your customers to scan to pay


Receive and track collections in real time with an immediate credit confirmation


Consolidate funds into your bank account, and receive real-time credit confirmation for instant and automated reconciliation


Obtain a single and consolidated view across all your collections with transaction reports

How it Works

DBS MAX Mobile App

  • Recommended for over the counter collection from retail customers
  • Suitable for businesses with less than 10 stores and collection at events
  • No technical investment or integration required
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DBS MAX Client Integration

  • Recommended for collection via business platforms such as eCommerce websites, mobile applications or kiosks etc
  • Facilitates refund process and reconciliation for multiple point-of-sale
  • Requires a one-time technical integration of Application Programming Interface (APIs)
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I don’t have a DBS Corporate Account. Can I still sign up?

You will need to open a DBS Corporate Account and sign up for IDEAL access to register for DBS MAX.

Who in my organization can sign up for DBS MAX?

All IDEAL authorisers within your organization can sign up for DBS MAX on your behalf.

Can I link my existing corporate account to DBS MAX?

Yes, your existing corporate account will be available for you to link to DBS MAX using the MAX Assist Portal.

How will my earnings be credited to my bank account?

Your earnings will be credited automatically to your linked DBS bank account. Alternatively, you may manually transfer funds up to your account based as per your DBS MAX solution set up.