Structured Escrow Account Solutions

Safeguard your funds and mitigate counterparty risk

Structured Escrow Account Solutions

Safeguard your funds and mitigate counterparty risk

At a Glance
Our structured Escrow solutions, safeguard your funds, provide independent and trustworthy protection for all parties in the transaction, as well as mitigate counterparty risks. We serve as a neutral third-party escrow and depository agent to receive, safeguard, service and disburse assets, including cash, securities and physical documents, thereby offering our clients a professional, high quality service.


Your funds are secure with DBS, voted the safest bank in Asia from 2009 to 2018

Leverage the expertise of our Escrow Team

We have a dedicated and growing team of professionals (Product, Legal & Operations) with deep expertise focused exclusively on escrow solutions

Features & Benefits

Simplified and Digitized

We offer simplified documentation for faster transaction execution and Digital Solutioning within the construct of the Escrow Arrangement


Facilitating Wide Range of Transactions

  • Sale purchase transactions – foreign & domestic
  • Real estate debt transactions
  • Private Placements 
  • Revenue/ profit sharing /business arrangements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project financing and lending arrangements
  • Trust and retention transactions
  • Securities/Document/ Asset holding arrangements
  • Regulated Escrows      
    • Open offer, Buyback, Delisting
    • Payment Aggregator
    • Prepaid Instruments
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How will the funds in Escrow be released?

Funds managed under Escrow Services will only be released in accordance to the release terms listed in the escrow agreement.

Can DBS customise a suitable solution if I have specific Escrow requirements?

Yes, we do provide customised Escrow solutions. Speak to your Relationship Manager to find out more.