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Our beginnings

When my son was four years old, he had a respiratory disease and was operated on. The doctors believed it was due to the haze. Since then, I’ve made up my mind to engage in work related to environmental protection. In 2010, I joined INCOM RECYCLE, a leading plastic waste recycling enterprise. During my time there, I tried to bring Internet technology, environmental education, as well as welfare to traditional scavengers in more than 100 junk yards from suburban areas of Beijing. The industry is traditionally labour-intensive and underappreciated, and over time, I realised that the industry had almost no profit margin nor did it add much value.

In March 2019, I founded BOTTLOOP, hoping to utilise and merge my decades of experience in the fashion industry and plastic waste recycling industry to make a difference. BOTTLOOP's brand values are deeply inspired by a wise Chinese sage from the 6th century BC, and we strive to share this way of virtuous living through our products. By exploring a social enterprise model, we hope to change perception of the waste recycling industry and attract younger talents. With perception shifts, the waste recycling industry can provide traditional workers with respectable, stable, and dignified livelihood, so they can provide for their children.


Founder of BOTTLOOP, Ms. Liu Xuesong

Founder of BOTTLOOP, Ms. Liu Xuesong


The Work We Do

The traditional recycling industry has long been seen as low-value processing work. We believe that you can add value to all resources by reducing, reusing, and recycling. We have created a 100% circular solution to recycle solid waste, like bottles and paper products. BOTTLOOP recycles them into sustainable, high value products like recycled PET (rPET) clothes, bags, and office materials. We also run a consultancy that organises conferences and zero-waste events.

We have helped more than 100 established enterprises in various industries effectively use and convert waste into environmentally friendly products and reduce their carbon emissions. We have directly and indirectly influenced more than 10 million young consumers to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

BOTTLOOP is committed to building a market-oriented solution for high-quality, high-value recycling that will change the perception of the recycling industry, with the mission of advocating for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Giving used plastic bottles a new lease of life.

Giving used plastic bottles a new lease of life.


Impact created

To date we have,

  • Recycled or reused 405,965kg of solid waste.
  • Diverted over 17.7 million plastic bottles from landfills for recycling or reusing.
  • Helped over 120 enterprises to reduce their carbon emissions by 1,635,375kg.
  • Provided employment opportunities to eight traditional recycling practitioners, with reported annual income increment of S$23,000.

How we partner with DBS Foundation

DBS Foundation Businesses trailblazing for impact

The DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant will help set up and upgrade the beta version of our data platform for zero-carbon solid waste recycling, to more effectively reduce carbon emitted in the process. As a DBS Foundation-supported social enterprise, we hope to reach more like-minded individuals through DBS’ network and promote sustainable living to all.

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