Ento Industries

Our beginnings

Before it even reaches the table, more than one-third of food is wasted during transport and production. With the world’s population growing exponentially and food scarcity being an increasing concern, there is a dire need for solutions to reduce food waste.

Ento Industries was founded in June 2020 by me, Nathaniel, and was later joined by my two partners, Sin Yee and Mervyn. Together, we are committed to achieving the circular economy transformation of the food industry through the repatriation and resource recovery of food waste.


The core team behind Ento Industries: From left, Sin Yee, Nathaniel and Mervyn.


The work we do

Ento Industries is a biotech company that focuses on upcycling waste and by-products left behind from food manufacturing process. We harness the natural abilities of Black Soldier Flies to transform food waste into useful, high-value ingredients, such as animal feed, to be sold to the agricultural industry.

Our beneficiaries are local food producers and local food farms. Do you know using the same amount of space, Black Soldier Fly farming produces 3,000 times more protein than Cattle Farming?

“One piece of advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to brace for obstacles and failures. They are fundamental to progression and growth,” - Nathaniel Phua

Food waste management has always been a challenge for local food producers due to the additional capital outlay and lack of knowledge of the waste industry. This has led to the unchecked disposal of enormous amounts of food waste.

While there is an increase in the number of local food farms in Singapore due to more governmental funding support, there is still a lack in the growth of its supporting industries, such as feed and fertiliser production companies. The shortage of supporting industries may continue to hinder Singapore’s food security problem. Therefore, we have positioned ourselves to solve these problems.

Currently, our business leverages on optimising space and rearing processes to increase the amount of black soldier flies’ larvae that we can farm within a single space. With this, we would be able to increase the amount of waste intake, as well as the amount of feed produced. In our commercial facility, we aim to valorise a total of 7,000 tonnes of food waste yearly.


Impact created

  • Tested 20 different types of production waste
  • Saved 5 tonnes of waste from disposal

Black Soldier Flies Larvae is used as highly nutritious animal feed for the agricultural industry.


How we partner with DBS Foundation

Ento Industries is a 2020 DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant Awardee. Our grant is used to support the technical knowledge transfer of commercialising the rearing process of black soldier flies; and accelerating the research and development around black soldier flies’ larvae growth.

With the support from DBS Foundation, we can significantly reduce our go-to-market time and increase our social impact of waste valorisation and resource conservation.

Get to know us better here!


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