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DBS Foundation

Championing Social Entrepreneurship

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Our vision is to shape a better future for Asia. The DBS Foundation focuses on building a more inclusive Asia by championing social entrepreneurship and encouraging the development of businesses for good. The Foundation is an endeavour from DBS Bank to make an even greater impact in addressing Asia’s evolving social needs.

Our Objectives

Our Journey

Our Focus

Social enterprises are emerging as the promising “middle” sector between the traditional worlds of government, non-profits and business. They help to address social concerns and play a critical role in solving social problems. Social enterprises seek to be financially sustainable through business models. As social challenges become increasingly complex in light of shrinking government budgets and rapidly evolving communities, social enterprises are emerging as self-sustaining businesses with effective methods of meeting social needs.

With commercially sustainable solutions, they provide income, goods and services where they are needed and build up inclusive communities. Such an approach is aligned to the roots of DBS Foundation and DBS Bank as the former development bank of Singapore, and our strengths in serving the SME sector.

By championing social entrepreneurship, the Foundation focuses on building a more inclusive society so that those at society’s margins can enjoy productive and rewarding lives.

By also supporting businesses which practice a dual bottom-line of aligning their profit and social impact goals, we are striving towards a better world where businesses become a force for good and provide sustainable outcomes.

Integrating Social Enterprises

We demonstrate commitment to social enterprises by providing banking solutions tailored to their specific needs as well as engaging them as our business partners for events and activities.

The DBS Social Enterprise Package presents social enterprises with access to virtually free banking services. Social enterprises can open an account with a zero-minimum balance, enjoy free transactions and fee waivers allowing more flexibility. A business loan component was also added to the banking package, offering unsecured loans to social enterprises at preferential rate, providing the much-needed capital support.

DBS also walks the talk by procuring goods and services from social enterprises and encouraging our employees to volunteer at various SE-related initiatives. Skills-based volunteering is another way we make a meaningful difference to social enterprises by helping them on key business challenges by matching them with our staff possessing relevant skills to work alongside.

Click here to see a video on how we use our staff’s problem-solving skills to solve real business challenges of social enterprises.