Lim Chu Chong
  • Lim Chu Chong
  • 林子聪
  • Managing Director & Head of SME Banking
  • Institutional Banking Group DBS Bank Ltd

Mr. Lim Chu Chong is currently Head of SME Banking, part of the Institutional Banking Group. Lim is a seasoned corporate banker with some 18 years of work experience in branch banking, corporate banking and SME banking. With broad industry experience, Lim has played an instrumental role in facilitating many SMEs’ further inroads into Asia. 


Lim is currently heading the Institutional Banking Group’s small business development unit and overseeing the SME business on a regional basis comprising Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Taiwan. He is focused on building relationships with customers, facilitating customer service through partnerships, and promoting the development of entrepreneurship in Singapore. Lim is also committed to facilitating the development of social entrepreneurship in Singapore and has teams under him that are dedicated to serving non-profit organisations as well as social enterprises.

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