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Looking to build a successful venture in India but facing a roadblock at certain points? Partner with DBS and benefit from an array of services that not only help with the process but make your business soar.
Why DBS Bank
strong credentials

Strong Credentials

Backed by strong credit ratings (AA-) and recognised as Asia’s Safest Bank for 13 years in a row.

Commitment to India

Commitment to India

Our deep-rooted network across Asia is locally incorporated in India with presence in 400+ cities. This perfectly positions us to be your bank of choice.

Innovative Solutions

Our state-of-the-art digital solutions and services help solve large business challenges at scale.

  • AD Services

  • Regulatory Reporting & Filings

  • Financial Markets solutions & FX

  • Custody & Escrows, Demat

  • Registration with Indian Regulators

  • FDI, FPI, FVCI, AIF Support

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