Telegraphic Transfers

Receive & Make international payments in a wide range of currencies quickly

Telegraphic Transfers

Receive & Make international payments in a wide range of currencies quickly

At a Glance
Telegraphic Transfer lets you receive and make payments in a wide range of currencies from all over the world. Telegraphic Transfers are the most safest and fastest ways of settling cross border payments.

16 currencies

Transfer money in a currency of your choice

1 to 4 days

Your beneficiary will receive the funds within 4 days


Stay informed with IDEAL eReports

Get notified via instant SMS or email alerts when funds have been credited to your account


Quick access

Fastest way to receive money from overseas


Extensive network

Receive payment in any currency from our vast network presence


Competitive exchange rates

Enjoy preferential rates


SWIFT gpi - Track your cross border payments end-to-end

SWIFT Global Payment Initiative (gpi) speeds up cross-border payments with real-time tracking and credit data. Click to learn more


Attach supporting documents digitally using DBS DigiDocs

DigiDocs is a capability on IDEAL which allows the user to attach the supporting documents linked to a payment instruction (Inward and Outward both) in a single user interface without switching applications or multiple URLs

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How quickly will I receive incoming payments?

Cross border payments both inward and outward are subject to regulatory guidelines and require banks in India to validate the underlying transaction permissibility.

Non discrepant payment instructions received before the cut-off time and the funds being credited to our NOSTRO, post regulatory validations will be credited on the same day.

However, for currencies that are less commonly traded, the telegraphic transfers may take a few working days. Other factors that may impact when you receive the funds include the country it was sent from, the time sent and the agent bank used.

What type of information will my remitting party need in order to pay me via Telegraphic Transfer?

Your remitting party will require the following information from you:

1) Beneficiary name: Your company name as registered with DBS
2) Beneficiary account number: The account number in which you would like to receive the funds
3) Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd., Mumbai Branch
4) DBS SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC): DBSSINBB

Can DBS Bank India settle payments to countries where DBS is not present?

Yes. DBS Bank India can successfully settle payments to and from countries where we do not have our presence through our network bank partners.

The remitting party has requested for my International Bank Account Number (IBAN) number. What is this?

You are not required to provide an IBAN number for payments to your DBS account, as this is usually required for payments to Europe. Simply provide the information specified above.

How do I know my account has been credited with the payment?

We’ll send you an email or SMS alert via IDEAL™ eReports when the funds have been credited to your account. Alternatively, you can check your transaction history online to see if the money has been credited.