Key Takeaways from DBS - KPI Mini Brand Accelerator Event

What makes every Key Person of Influence in their industry who they are? Here's the proven 5-step process.


Author: DBS BusinessClass, Administrator of DBS

Every industry has its own highly valued and highly paid Key People of Influence:

Their names come up in conversation … for all the right reasons

They attract opportunities … the right sort

They earn more money … and it isn't a struggle

These people enjoy a special status in their chosen field because they are well connected, well known, well regarded and highly valued. They get invited to be a part of the best teams and projects and they can often write their own terms.

The ‘top' people in every industry earn exponentially more than their peers. They are ‘famous' within their niche and often beyond. They understand that sector knowledge on its own is not enough. In today's world if you are not known, no one is going to search you out.

Over this engaging presentation, successful entrepreneur Callum Laing went through some of the fundamental shifts that are happening in the business world, the common mistakes people make when they ‘chase' success and the proven 5 step process that Key Persons of Influence in every industry are following:

  • You need a perfect pitch – you should be pitching to the next step.
  • You need to publish your ideas – authors have authority.
  • You need to productise your value – income follows assets.
  • You need to raise your profile – opportunities will naturally come to you.
  • You need great partnerships – create wholesale value.

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