Global Transaction Services (GTS)

As an award winning Asian bank, DBS offers best-in-class transaction services to facilitate your trade and cash flows, optimise working capital, minimise operating risk and optimise the use of surplus cash generated from your businesses and operating activities.

We offer a wide range of cash management solutions, including market-leading solutions for payments and collections.


  • Business Accounts including Capital Account - Manage your company’s finances and capital flows easily and conveniently
  • Fixed Deposit Account - Place your funds with Asia's safest bank
  • Escrow Services - Safeguard your funds and mitigate counterparty risk


  • Local Fund Transfers
    • Transfer funds in local and foreign currencies to any bank in Vietnam quickly and economically
    • Payroll
  • Cross-Border Fund Transfer
    • Telegraphic Transfers - Make international transfers in a range of currencies with transparency and traceability through SWIFT gpi
    • DBS PriorityPay – Faster telegraphic transfers within the DBS network


  • Incoming Funds - Receive funds locally, or from overseas, electronically
  • Receivables Reconciliation - Assign a virtual account to each of your customers for easy and automated reconciliation of your collections


Our award-winning online banking platform DBS IDEAL offers mobile banking services and connectivity solutions through SWIFT. DBS IDEAL gives you visibility on your account balances, access to a variety of transaction capabilities on a single interface, as well as offers secure and full control of your funds from anywhere, anytime. DBS is also the first Asian bank to offer digital token with our IDEAL Mobile.

Transaction capabilities available on DBS IDEAL:

  • Cash Management: Easily transfer funds domestically and internationally, or access online cash management tools
  • Trade Finance: Apply for trade finance solutions online and get real-time updates, as well as amend details of your application easily
  • FX & Treasury Services: Book FX contracts anywhere, anytime via DBS IDEAL on desktop or mobile. 

Improve operational efficiency with DBS IDEAL Connect, our host-to-host solution. The platform is fully automated and customisable, enabling you to connect your back-end system with DBS to facilitate end-to-end payment initiations and transfer of account information on a real-time basis, 24/7. The platform can be easily integrated with all major ERP systems to facilitate a seamless reconciliation workflow.

DBS RAPID (Real-time APIs with DBS) facilitates a truly digital workflow by seamlessly integrating banking services into your business systems or platforms. Leveraging API (Application Programming Interface) connectivity, you can digitise your operations, gain workflow efficiencies, speed up operations, and enable real-time transactions.

Our DBS RAPID capabilities include Information Reporting APIs e.g. Account Balance Enquiry, Transaction Enquiry, and Transactional APIs e.g. Real-time Payment.

We offer a comprehensive suite of trade and supply chain finance solutions to support your trade finance flows in Vietnam and around the region. Our solutions are designed to help you manage risk, maximise efficiencies in your balance sheet and optimise your working capital needs. In addition, we offer digital banking capabilities to speed up your trade processes and shorten your cash conversion cycle.

Import Services

  • Letter of Credit Issuance - Provide assurance to your suppliers
  • Import Financing - Finance the purchase of your goods and take ownership earlier
  • Inward Bill Collection (DA/DP) - Facilitate your trade activities with our documentary collection service
  • Shipping Guarantee/ Air Waybill Endorsement - Take delivery of your shipment, cargo quickly to avoid costly demurrage charges

Export Services

  • Letter of Credit Advising - Ensure inbound Letters of Credit are authentic
  • Letter of Credit Confirmation - Eliminate credit and country risks associated with inbound Letters of Credit
  • Letter of Credit Negotiation/ Discounting - Convert receivables to cash immediately
  • Transferrable Letter of Credit – Speed up your trade cycle
  • Outward Bill Collection (DA/DP) – Collect your payments efficiently using Documents against Acceptance or Documents against Payment
  • Export Bill Financing Under Documentary Collection (DA/DP) - Convert your Outward Bill Collection (DA/DP) into cash at competitive rates
  • Export Pre-Shipment Financing - Improve your working capital with pre-shipment financing
  • Export Open Account Post-Shipment Financing - Improve your cash flow on open account terms

 Other Trade Finance Services

  • Banker’s Guarantee/ Standby Letter of Credit - Provide payment assurance to your counterparty beneficiaries

 Trade Document Services

  • Trade Document Counters - Submit and collect your trade documents easily
  • Digital Trade Document Upload on DBS IDEAL – Submit your trade applications* and documents online to save time and hassle

* Available for Import Letters of Credit, Import Bills under Letter of Credit and Collection, Trust Receipts under Letter of Credit and Collection, Banker’s Guarantees/ Standby Letters of Credit, Shipping Guarantee, Purchase Invoice Financing, and Sales Invoice Financing.

Leverage on our strong network in Asia and our local expertise in each of our markets to support your trade flows. Speak to your Relationship Manager and/or your GTS Sales Manager to find out more about our Global Transaction Services offerings.

Please refer to Useful Links section for DBS IDEAL User Guides, and Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts and Electronic Banking.