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Travel more, Waste less with Bank DBS Indonesia

INDONESIA,27 July 2019 -

Traveling is one of the hobbies millennials do to spend their free time.  Beaches and mountains are favorite places visited by many travelers. However, without realizing it, many of them leave trash and pollute the environment by discarding plastic water bottles or other plastic food packaging.
Bank DBS Indonesia as an active and caring financial institution in protecting the environment organizes an activity called 'Travel more, Waste less'. The activity is a part of the Recycle more, Waste less movement promoted by Bank DBS Indonesia since April 2019. Bank DBS Indonesia, in collaboration with Zero Waste Indonesia, held a talk show to discuss ways to minimize waste while traveling. Want to know more? Check the following tips for zero-waste traveling:
  • Bring your own water bottle
The easiest thing we can do to minimize waste when traveling is to bring our own water bottle to minimize plastic bottle waste. In addition to protecting the environment, bringing your own water bottle is also economical; you don't need to buy bottled mineral water because you already have your own bottle. When the mineral water runs out, we can refill it, especially when there are plenty of free drinking water dispensers in public places, such as parks, airports, and other public places.
  • Choose your restaurant wisely
Traveling is not fun without trying local specialties. To minimize food waste, eat out. Eating out not only protects the environment but also enables you to better enjoy the food and atmosphere. In addition, you can also choose and decide where to eat that does not serve food on paper liners or plastic materials, such as Styrofoam. Oh, don't forget to finish your food! Say no to food waste!
  • Bring your own toiletries
By bringing your own toiletries, you could minimize the use of toiletries provided by hotels or airplanes, which are only used once. That way, we can minimize the disposal of plastic bottles and toiletries provided by hotels or airplanes. 
  • Bring your own reusable kit
What are reusable kits? Reusable kits are containers or small foldable containers, such as small containers, tumblers, cutleries and handkerchiefs. These items can be used more than once and do not take up too much space so they can be taken anywhere.
"Traveling is identical to everything practical, such as the use of disposable plastic materials (single use plastic). Through zero waste traveling, we can pursue our hobbies while maintaining the environment. It may take more preparation, but zero waste traveling is worth doing and easy to try. Small changes, as long as they are sustainably implemented, could create a big impact," said Jeanny Primasari, Founder of Zero Waste Nusantara.
In addition to the disposable plastic waste problem from traveling, there are other waste problems in our lives. Take a look inside your closet! There must be a pile of clothes you never wear again, right? The birth of many fashion brands in Indonesia has greatly influenced fashion styles, especially for women, and led to a consumption habit of buying new clothes to keep up with the latest fashion trends. We often buy new clothes without realizing that many of them are left unused, increasing the clothing waste problem.
"Zero waste life does not stop with reducing disposable plastic waste. We may not realize it, but the clothes we wear every day can also be a dangerous source of waste for our beloved Earth. The fashion industry is one of the most polluted industries in the world. Therefore, we initiated #TukarBaju, a campaign to create public awareness and a solution for the fashion waste and textile waste problems in Indonesia," said Amanda Zahra Marsono, Public Relations and Project Manager #TukarBaju.
#TukarBaju can be an alternative for you who actively follow the fashion trends without buying new clothes. Through #TukarBaju, people can bring their own clothes that are still fit for use to be exchanged with someone else's clothes. Before the exchange, the clothes will be curated for eligibility.
In addition to collaborating with Zero Waste Indonesia, Bank DBS Indonesia also works together with Weekend Workshop (WEWO) to hold workshops to discuss ways to make travel kits from recycled materials, such as T-shirts. "Travel more, Waste less is a series of activities of the Recycle more, Waste less movement. As a financial institution, we want to support the Indonesian government’s program, 2025 Clean From Waste Indonesia. We see that Indonesia's millennials have a voice and play an important role in bringing changes. Therefore, we hold an activity that is closely related to millennials to encourage them to actively participate in this movement," said Mona Monika, Executive Director, Head of Marketing Communications PT Bank DBS Indonesia.


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