Bank DBS Indonesia Partners with Waste4Change to Instill 3R Spirit


INDONESIA,02 July 2019 -

Aren’t you concerned with the waste issue in our lovely country, Indonesia? Today and in the future, waste will remain a main problem for our government if we do not find an immediate solution. Recent research by Sustainable Waste Indonesia (SWI) revealed that 24 percent of waste in Indonesia is not managed properly. It means that out of the around 65 million tons of waste produced in Indonesia every day, some 15 million tons of it pollutes the ecosystem and environment because it is not treated properly. 7 percent of the waste is recycled and 69 percent of it ends up in the final waste dumps.

In view of the problem, Bank DBS Indonesia felt they needed to do something meaningful to at least resolve the waste issue we are facing today. To that end, Bank DBS Indonesia initiated the Recycle more, Waste Less movement to build environmental awareness among Indonesian citizens. The movement, which is an extension of the bank’s Live more, Bank Less mission, is expected to bring lifestyle changes, starting from daily habits, such as lower use of plastic and Styrofoam, to food wastage.

Mona Monika, Executive Director, Head of Group Strategic and Marketing Communications PT Bank DBS Indonesia, said, “As a banking institution, we would like to contribute by providing education on how to resolve the waste problem we are facing today. Therefore, we initiated the Recycle more, Waste Less program that encourages people to participate and support the movement. Apart from that, we also work exclusively with Waste4Change, a social enterprise that cares about the environment. Recently, we promoted the 3R (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) for adoption by schools in Bekasi. Through the activity, we gave knowledge and helped create a mindset related to waste sorting and management from early on.

Waste4Change is a community and company engaged in waste management service that does not only provide waste transportation and sorting service, but also strategic service for companies in Indonesia. “We set up Waste4Change as a solution in the form of responsible waste management service company. Number ‘4’ in the name Waste4Change embodies four concepts: Consult, Campaign, Collect, and Create. Since 2018, we have been working with Bank DBS Indonesia as a waste management vendor. Bank DBS Indonesia has also helped Waste4Change grow through DBS Foundation’s programs that provide business workshops, advocacy concerning social entrepreneurship and business coaching.”

To help resolve the issues we are facing today, we could apply a simple method called 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). An example of a simple activity under Reduce is reducing the use of disposable materials, replacing them with products that can be refilled/reused/recycled, and using both sides of paper to write and make photocopies. Reuse means using non disposable bags whose promotion is being intensified. Lastly, Recycle means choosing recyclable and degradable products and packaging. Another example is to convert organic waste to compost.

 “Starting from the beginning of 2019, Bank DBS Indonesia office, which is located in DBS Bank Tower and Capital Place Jakarta, no longer provides mineral water in plastic packaging. Apart from that, we also urge our staff to use their own drinking bottles and to reduce daily use of plastic. We also collaborate with Waste4Change to manage the waste in our office,” said Mona Monika.


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