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● PT Dian Cipta Perkasa achieves 200% growth since its establishment ● Bank DBS Indonesia helps corporate customers increase business growth rate

INDONESIA,13 December 2019 -

Many people dream of starting a business, but  not all entrepreneurs have adequate resources, particularly capital, to start a business. This has prompted entrepreneurs to find ways to start a business. While a variety of business assistance services are available, many entrepreneurs still hesitate to take advantage of the business assistance provided by banks. In fact, with careful selection and full understanding of banking services, entrepreneurs can develop their business to the maximum, as in the case of PT Dian Cipta Perkasa (DCP), a leading importer and distributor of food raw materials, feed additives, pharmaceutical raw materials and chemicals for manufacturing industries in Indonesia.
PT Dian Cipta Perkasa was established in 1991 and has since gained a reputation as a "Key Solution Partner" in its industry. Its founder and CEO, Rudy Ismanto, built the company from scratch. He did not have a high school diploma when he started his business. Despite a lack of a high educational background, Rudy Ismanto managed to start his business, which has become a leader in full-line chemical distribution. DCP has continued to enjoy significant growth, not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of the number of employees. Starting with four employees, DCP now has 140 employees in a number of regions, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and Medan.
The achievement was made through gradual and continuous expansion. What has DCP done to grow its business? Learn more about DCP’s three strategies to  maximize business growth that can be an inspiration!
  1. Building a strong marketing infrastructure
As a distribution company, DCP considers infrastructure crucial in running daily business activities. To improve business performance, DCP pays special attention to infrastructure that requires additional business capital. Recognizing the important role of infrastructure as a fundamental component of the company, DCP maintains a proper capital management and regularly increases working capital for infrastructure development, supported by DBS Working Capital Financing by DBS Bank Indonesia. The product offers an innovative solution for DCP in the form of working capital financing that helps entrepreneurs grow their company.
  1. Liquidity injections into supply chain
As an importer, DCP needs accuracy and commitment to solving financial problems. Easy and fast access to products and import financing is crucial for DCP to grow its business. One way to accomplish this is by working with banks. In the case of DCP, the company uses DBS Supplier Financing. DCP deems liquidity injections into the supply chain necessary to allow the company to focus on developing the business and get various benefits, such as increasing working capital and financing by up to 100% of the invoice value without the need for additional guarantee.
  1. Maximizing capital to increase credibility
A business flourishes alongside an increase in the number of projects it is engaged in. Therefore, business owners, particularly service providers, must be smart in convincing customers of their services. In this context, trust is important as prospective customers will determine whether a company is able to provide suitable and trusted services according to need. For DCP, company credibility is a key thing in taking part in tenders. In addition to relying on its marketing strategy and the conveniences it offers, DCP also uses DBS Bank Guarantee to participate in tenders to increase the company's credibility. By using DBS Bank Guarantee, DCP transfers payment or obligations of a contract to Bank DBS Indonesia so that DCP can focus more on its services.
PT Dian Cipta Perkasa (DCP) has been a customer of Corporate Banking Group of Bank DBS Indonesia since 2012. DBS banking products used by DCP include DBS Working Capital Financing, which improves the company's distribution process through capital creation, DBS Supplier Financing that increases business capital to support imports of goods, and DBS Bank Guarantee that provides guarantee for the company in taking part in tenders.
"We always strive to be an innovative company, able to see changes in market direction and to keep abreast of the times so that PT Dian Cipta Perkasa (DCP) can continue to develop to become a better company. I’m pleased that DCP has continued to experience revenue growth of more than 200% since becoming a corporate customer of DBS Bank Indonesia. We feel that DBS understands our business so that we can provide solutions and create a fast financing process that makes it easy for us to do business," said PT Dian Cipta Perkasa CEO Rudy Ismanto.
 “At present many companies with great potentials have limitations that prevent them from growing. In view of the situation, we as a bank that always supports business growth seek to provide an efficient and customized digital banking experience to suit customer needs. This is reflected in our services for corporate customers to underline our commitment to supporting corporate customers to develop their business, as in the case of PT Dian Cipta Perkasa (DCP),” PT Bank DBS Indonesia Director Rudy Tandjung concluded.
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