Bank DBS Indonesia Initiates Recycle more, Waste less Movement, Collaborates with Social Enterprises and Communities


Bank DBS Indonesia Encourages Millennials to Care for the Environment to Help the Government Realize the Indonesia Bersih Sampah 2025 Program

INDONESIA,26 June 2019 -

Ministry of Environment & Forestry data reveal that the total amount of waste in Indonesia is expected to reach 68 million tons in 2019, with plastic waste reaching 9.52 tons. The ministry planned to reduce Indonesia's waste by 30 percent by 2025. To support the goal, Bank DBS Indonesia initiated the Recycle more, Waste less movement to build public awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment, particularly among Indonesia’s millennials.
The Recycle more, Waste less movement, which is an extension of the company’s mission, Live more Bank Less, is expected to change people’s lifestyle, from daily habits, such as reducing the use of plastic and Styrofoam, to food waste. Ministry of Environment & Forestry data show that food waste contributed 44 percent to national waste in 2018, the highest among other components, while plastic waste contributed 15 percent and was the largest waste contributor in the world. To address the problem, Bank DBS Indonesia collaborates with several environmental institutions, such as WWF Indonesia, Waste4Change, Cleanomic, Zero Waste Indonesia, Evoware, and Weekend Workshop, to encourage the public, particularly millennials, to participate in the movement.
"We collaborate with Bank DBS Indonesia because the program is in line with our mission to provide environmentally friendly and responsible waste management services for a waste-free Indonesia. We are working with local governments to follow up on reports of illegal waste accumulation. Through the Recycle more, Waste less movement, people can easily report any accumulation of garbage by taking photos, uploading them on their social media accounts and tagging Waste4Change and Bank DBS Indonesia’s social media accounts," said Bijaksana Junerasano, Founder of Waste4Change.
"As the biggest independent conservation organization in Indonesia, we always strive to preserve, restore and manage Indonesia's ecosystems and biodiversity, including through our support for the Recycle more, Waste less movement initiated by Bank DBS Indonesia," said Imam Musthofa, Director of Marine & Fisheries, WWF-Indonesia. Meanwhile, David Christian, Founder of Evoware, said, "We strongly support the Recycle more, Waste less movement as it is our goal to be an environmentally friendly solution for the problem of plastic waste by encouraging an environmentally friendly lifestyle and providing innovative values for urban communities. Through Evoware products, humans evolve to be closer to nature and lead a more responsible and sustainable life. "
To realize a zero waste environment, people can participate by making pledges to Bank DBS Indonesia’s microsite,, which will be directly connected to their respective social media accounts. For every support or pledge, DBS will deliver Rp1,000. The funds will be used to support education about waste and solve the problem of waste in Indonesia. Support can be done by pressing the 'Support Now' option that is also connected to supporting social media in the form of pledges.
People can choose and download photos to pledge to the microsite, then upload the template to their social media accounts along with the good messages attached on the microsite with the #RecyclemoreWasteless and #Indonesia BersihSampah2025 hashtags and share them with friends (3 persons). Finally, people can upload their photos. The requirements are the same as the second method. So far, there have been 7,862 pledges from the public who participated in the pledging of the Recycle more, Waste less movement since the first phase was launched in April 2019.
"As a banking institution, we want to support the government’s program, 2025 Clean-from Waste Indonesia, by initiating a sustainable environmental program. After collecting more than 7,000 pledges in the first phase through collaboration with several communities and social enterprises, we will also work with retail chains in the second phase to reach more targets with the aim of replacing plastic utensils with environmentally friendly cutlery," said Mona Monika, Executive Director, Head of Group Strategic and Marketing Communications PT Bank DBS Indonesia.
"We collaborate with Bank DBS Indonesia as part of our commitment to providing environmentally friendly products that are affordable to the general public so that everybody can join the Recycle more, Waste less movement. Together with Bank DBS Indonesia, we want to invite the public to start living a sustainable lifestyle that cares about the environment and build public awareness of responsible consumption and the need to avoid using disposable items," said Denia Isetianti Permata, Founder of Cleanomic.
The second phase of the Recycle more, Waste less movement will run from 5 July 2019 to 30 September 2019. In the second phase, Bank DBS Indonesia collaborates with several retail chains, such as Kota Kasablanka Mall, Krispy Kreme, Cinema XXI & Premiere XXI and All Fresh. Change does not only begin with something big and difficult, but can also be done with changes in our small habits so that the impact will be felt later in the long term. This is proof of the application of our promise, Live more, Bank Less,” said Mona Monika.


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