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People of Purpose

In July, 600 DBS staff volunteered their time to reach out to over 500 elderly in Singapore to empower them with knowledge on active ageing and dementia prevention through workshops and home visitations. You can be a part of this movement too.

  1. Be a volunteer with Lions Befrienders and work with them to promote healthy aging practices with the elderly.
  2. Advocate the importance of building an elderly-friendly community. Develop empathy and share active aging practices with family and friends. We all have a role to play! Be a part of Forget Us Not initiative.
  3. Donate to Lions Befrienders to support the elderly via DBS/POSB banking channels. It is simple and takes less than 2 minutes of your time to complete the transaction. The below steps can help guide you.




  • Login to DBS PayLah!
  • Select “Send” > “Donation”
  • Select “Lions Befrienders” from the charity organisation list
  • Enter donation amount
  • Click on “Donate Now”
  • Select the tick to complete the transaction

For PayLah! users on Apple devices, there are other ways to do good! You can use Internet Banking or Mobile Banking instead.

  • Log in to DBS/POSB Internet Banking
  • Click on Pay>Pay Bills> “Billing Organisation not in my pre-arranged list
  • Select LIONS BEFRIENDERS DONATION from the billing organizations list
  • Under Bill Reference Number, enter your NRIC/FIN/Passport No.
  • Select your preferred debiting account
  • Enter donation amount and click Next
  • On the confirmation screen, click on Submit to complete the transaction.
  • Log in to DBS / POSB digibank app
  • Select Transfer/Pay > One-time Billing Organisation
  • Select LIONS BEFRIENDERS DONATION from the billing organizations list
  • Under Bill Reference Number, enter your NRIC/FIN/Passport No.
  • Select your preferred debiting account
  • Enter donation amount
  • Click on NEXT followed by CONFIRM after verifying the payment details
  • PeopleOfPurpose is the staff volunteer movement of DBS that brings our values to life, engages our employees, and leverages on our time and niche skills - all while making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we live and work.

    Our volunteering initiatives are designed such that they create visible impact, help foster collaboration while also building empathy and developing ownership among volunteers. When all these fall in place, it’s no wonder that we see sustained engagement between volunteers and their social good projects.

    Rather than running standard volunteer programmes that are typically ' one size fits all', we have taken a more ground-up approach by empowering staff to adopt social causes they are interested in. Therefore, the PeopleOfPurpose programme saw the emergence of ' volunteer leaders' in adopting social causes, developing solutions and planning activities that are directly relevant to the community. These volunteer leaders in turn rallied other colleagues to join them in carrying out these social initiatives. With resource and consultative support from the bank, these volunteer leaders have been empowered to be the force for good in their communities. DBS has seen over 100 volunteer leaders take charge of various programmes last year. Through these volunteer projects, partnerships were forged between our employees and beneficiaries leading to many more collaborative initiatives, thereby creating more sustainable and long-term impact on the community.

    In 2015, DBS saw more than 4,000 staff contribute to the community and reach out to 16,000 people through 27,000 hours of volunteering activities. In total, we have contributed over $1million worth of time in service to the community.

    Notable examples among our many PeopleOfPurpose programmes across the region are when staff from China travelled to the remote Dabie mountain village in Anhui province to set up a computer classroom with refurbished computers from their workplace giving children in the impoverished village, their first computer lesson. Volunteers from our branches in China prepared and undertook financial literacy classes for children of migrant workers for over 2 months.

    DBS staff across India contributed towards mobilising over a Tonne of food grains on the occasion of World Food Day to donate to the seniors at an old age home in Mumbai. While volunteers from DBS Indonesia renovated and refurbished the health facility and primary school building in Pakuhaji village among other programmes.

    In collaboration with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and local social enterprises, DBS Hong Kong staff conducted monthly home visits to elderly who are living alone. Some 667 staff along with their family and friends participated and brought with them goody bags prepared by local social enterprises, bringing love and care to nearly 1000 single elderly. DBS Hong Kong won 97 Volunteer Awards from the Social Welfare Department including best practice management, corporate citizenry, individual volunteer and team awards.

    In Singapore, volunteer teams worked consistently over 7 months with elderly living alone to build relationships and bring in cheer through useful activities such as weekly grocery shopping, cooking traditional dishes, documenting recipes, visits to Singapore National gallery, watching movies and so on.

    DBS Taiwan has been working with ELIV social enterprise to support the less privileged kids in Taitung by building a book house where the kids can study in. Volunteers contributed 2,700 hours to build this book house benefitting 300 children, who will now have a place to read.

    Apart from mass volunteering, the bank has in place, programmes to involve skilled volunteers to support social enterprises in the region. Through Scalathons (one-day intensive brainstorming on strategic business challenges faced by social enterprises) as well as other consultations and mentoring, 355 skilled volunteers across the bank made a difference to social enterprises.

    While our volunteer programmes evolve over time and get more innovative in their approach, they remain just as heartwarming and cheerful. Watch some of our videos below to know more. The complete playlist of the PeopleOfPurpose videos can be found here.

    Reaching out

    Our PeopleOfPurpose volunteers reach out to the underserved communities and provide them with opportunities and experiences to make life more meaningful. Engaging the community with our DBS Marina Bay Sailing Programme is held once a quarter and is undertaken by our volunteers to bring the Bay closer to the disadvantaged.

    Our Skills do Good

    When the skilled volunteers at DBS and social organisations come together, some great work along with good social impact is achieved. The technologists at DBS worked with SOSD, a leading animal welfare charity in Singapore that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes homeless and abandoned dogs. With technology solutions, training and support over 10 months, these DBS Volunteers armed SOSD with good data management system and a redesigned website crucial for their continued expansion.

    Making a Difference

    Volunteers from the Private Bank decided to ring in some good by bringing food and joy to members of the Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green CC Senior Citizens’ Club. Through a monthly programme rolled out for 5 months, our volunteers cleaned and scrubbed at this seniors club, touching the hearts of 200 seniors.

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