Distributing the value created

We define distributable financial value as net profit before discretionary bonus, taxes (direct and indirect) and community investments. In 2015, the distributable financial value amounted to SGD 6.03 billion (2014: SGD 5.59 billion).

Distributable finacial balue

Value Distribution

  • Retained Earnings
    Retained for reinvestment in our resources and businesses for growth which, over time, should benefit all of our stakeholders
  • Employees
    Discretionary bonus paid to employees through variable cash bonus and long-term incentive share plans
  • Society
    Contributions to society through direct and indirect taxes, and community investments including donations, in-kind contributions and associated management costs
  • Shareholders
    Dividends paid to ordinary and preference shareholders and perpetual capital securities holders

We also distribute non-financial value to our stakeholders in the following ways.



Delivering suitable products in an innovative, easily accessible and responsible way.



Supporting social enterprises, promoting financial inclusion, investing in and implementing environmentally-friendly practices.



Training, enhanced learning experiences as well as health and other benefits for our employees.



Active engagement with local and global regulators and policy makers on new reforms and initiatives that help ensure a sustainable banking industry.

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