Risk management

As part of our risk management process, we proactively identify and monitor top and emerging risks. Such risks can have a material impact on our business activities, financial results and reputation as well as affect our ability to deliver against our strategic priorities. Our identification process starts with a discussion among senior management about our key areas of focus and the risk outlook for the banking industry. It is further supplemented by discussions with the board and management risk committees. Periodic updates on action plans are provided to the relevant risk committees.
2015 Focus area
  • Credit risk and portfolio management
  • Regulatory compliance and engagement
  • Cyber security and digital banking
  • Risk and control construct - Cross border transactions and local practices
  • Technology risk - Onshoring of data centre and disaster recovery planning
  • Liquidity management
  • Outsourcing management - Data
  • Large programme initiatives
  • Risk appetite and capital management
  • Data management

Governance framework

We have a clearly defined governance framework that promotes transparency, fairness and accountability.

The Board believes that corporate governance principles should be embedded in our corporate culture. Our corporate culture is anchored on (a) competent leadership, (b) effective internal controls and (c) a set of common values. Our internal controls cover financial, operational, compliance, technology controls, as well as risk management policies and systems.

We work closely with our regulators to ensure that our internal governance standards meet their increasing expectations. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, and have been recognised for it. We have won SIAS' Corporate Governance Award in the Big Cap category three years in a row (2013 to 2015).


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