To create value for multiple stakeholders, the scorecard is divided into two parts of equal weighting. The first part of the scorecard comprises KPIs and strategic objectives set for the current year. The second part of the scorecard sets out the initiatives we intend to complete in the current year as part of our long-term journey towards achieving our strategic objectives.

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Traditional KPIs

Achieve sustainable growth

Shareholder metrics measure both financial outcomes achieved for the year as well as risk-related KPIs to ensure that the Group’s income growth is balanced against the level of risk taken, including control and compliance.

Position DBS as bank of choice

Customer metrics measure the Group’s achievement in increasing customer satisfaction and depth of customer relationships.

Position DBS as employer of choice

Employee metrics measure the progress made in being an employer of choice, including employee engagement and people development.

Strategic priorities

  • Entrench leadership in Singapore
  • Continue to expand Hong Kong franchise
  • Rebalance geographic mix of our business
Regional businesses
  • Build a leading SME banking business
  • Strengthen wealth proposition
  • Build out transaction banking and treasury customer business
  • Place customers at the heart of the banking experience
  • Focus on management processes, people and culture
  • Strengthen technology and infrastructure platform
Other areas of focus
  • Making Banking Joyful agenda
  • Bancassurance partnership
  • Expansion plans for growth markets: China, India and Indonesia

Contribute to the stability of the financial system


Enhance the communities we serve