How SimplyGood is redefining home cleaning products

From his mother's struggles with heavy cleaning bottles to securing the DBS Foundation Grant, Jeremy's mission to revolutionise home cleaning is reshaping the industry for a greener future.

A mother's burden: Catalyst for change 

In Jeremy's household, every morning unfolded with a silent struggle—his mother wrestling with bulky cleaning bottles, a daily reminder of convenience's heavy burden. Witnessing her frustration sparked Jeremy's vision for SimplyGood.

"It was seeing my mother's daily ordeal that ignited the spark for SimplyGood," Jeremy reveals, his voice infused with resolve. "I couldn't bear to watch her struggle with those heavy bottles any longer. I knew there had to be a better way.”  

Driven by empathy and a fervent desire for change, Jeremy embarked on a mission to redefine home cleaning. 

Innovating for sustainability: The SimplyGood solution 

Jeremy's journey began with a simple observation—traditional cleaning products packaged in single-use plastics were inefficient and unsustainable. Determined to create a solution, SimplyGood was born—a revolutionary refill system that slashes plastic waste while delivering safe, natural cleaning solutions.  

By developing dehydrated cleaning tablets that are 300 times lighter and 200 times smaller than traditional cleaning products, Jeremy and his team have not only reduced single-use plastics but also cut down on carbon emissions from transportation. "We've cut huge amounts of space and weight during transportation, cutting down on carbon emissions in the process," Jeremy proudly states. 

Overcoming adversity: The road to resilience 

Jeremy's path was riddled with challenges, from rejection to setbacks. Yet, his unwavering determination propelled him forward. Despite facing two rounds of rejection for the DBS Foundation Grant, Jeremy persevered, refining SimplyGood's business model and how it addressed consumer and environmental needs.  

"With each rejection, there was a reason, and we took a hard look at every reason," he shares. "We applied the feedback to our business, making it stronger and more scalable across a tough two years." 

More than a brand: It’s a movement 

SimplyGood isn't just about cleaning products; it's about catalysing change. From empowering consumers to reduce their environmental footprint to providing inclusive employment opportunities through partnerships with organisations like the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, SimplyGood's impact transcends cleaning.  

As SimplyGood expands its reach and impact, Jeremy's vision for a sustainable world grows brighter. With the support of the DBS Foundation Grant, SimplyGood is poised to lead the charge towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future—one refill at a time. 

Know a business with purpose that could benefit from the DBS Foundation Grant? Tell them about the DBS Foundation Grant today! 

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