The Next Impact Maker

Spotlighting the people that catalyse change, and make a difference for a better world

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Hear from the people creating an impact - both environmental and social for a better world.
Purpose-driven entrepreneurs and trailblazing change leaders share their inspiring stories, their trials and tribulations, what keeps them motivated and driven, and how they adapt in this ever-changing landscape.

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Episode 1: Max Tham from tHEMEat Company

Making anything cook, look and taste like meat… with vegetables?

Episode 2: Ivy Tse from Halogen

Because one can find their true calling for the society through adversities.

Episode 3: Sourabh Sharma from DBS

How one employee changed the DBS digibank app​.

Episode 4: Tan Wee Tuck & Tan Wee Han from Brewerkz

Steering Singapore’s oldest craft beer brewery into a sustainable future.

Episode 5: Aniket Doegar from Haqdarshak

On a mission to empower 100 million citizens with information.

Episode 6: Wilson Hsu from CCILU

Closing the loop with materials made from waste for the fashion industry.

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