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Safest Bank in Asia

by Global Finance 2009 - 2014

Best Bank in Asia-Pacific

by Global Finance

Most Valuable Banking Brand

in ASEAN and Singapore by Brand Finance
Six priority markets map

The map highlights our six priority markets, across which we seek to intermediate trade and investment flows.


  • Our home market
  • Extensive network of more than 2,500 touchpoints*
  • Leader in consumer banking, wealth management, institutional banking, treasury and capital markets
  • 62% of Group Income

Greater ChinaGreater China

  • Hong Kong: Anchor of our Greater China franchise with 49 branches
  • China: Locally incorporated in 2007, first Singapore bank to do so; 31 branches and one representative office in 11 major cities today
  • Taiwan: Locally incorporated in 2012, first Singapore bank to do so; 43 branches today
  • 30% of Group Income

South and South East AsiaSouth and South East Asia

  • India: 12 branches in 12 major cities, largest network for a Singapore bank
  • Indonesia: 40 branches in 11 major cities
  • Presence in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

Rest of the WorldRest of the world

  • Presence in Japan, Korea, UAE, UK and US to intermediate business and investment flows into Asia
  • 8% of Group Income

* Touchpoints include DBS/POSB branches, self-service banking machines, AXS terminals and strategic partnerships

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