Distributing the value created

We define distributable financial value as net profit before discretionary bonus, taxes (direct and indirect) and certain donations. In 2014, the distributable value amounted to SGD 5.59 billion. This was distributed to our stakeholders as shown in the chart below.

We also make contributions to our stakeholders in other aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Training and benefits for our employees
  • Employee volunteer time for community projects
  • Supporting social enterprises
  • Investing in and implementing environmentally-friendly practices

Value Distribution

Value Distribution

  • Employees

    Discretionary bonus paid to employees through variable cash bonus and long-term incentive share plans

  • Society

    Contributions to society through direct and indirect taxes, donations, funding social enterprises and sponsoring community events

  • Shareholders

    Dividends paid to ordinary and preference shareholders and perpetual capital securities holders

  • Retained Earnings

    Retained for reinvestment in the businesses to fund our strategy and grow our business, which over time, should benefit all of our stakeholders

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