Everyday Heroes For A Better World

Inspired by true stories. Dedicated to all who are making a difference in the lives of others.


DBS funds and mentors social enterprises which have sustainable solutions to help us all achieve Zero Food Waste. Discover more about these inspirational companies below.


This awardee of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant in 2017 designs, adapts and implements low-cost farming solutions that help marginal farmers increase the yield and predictability of their produce and find assured markets for the same, reducing food wastage at source.

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A DBS-funded social enterprise from 2012, this waste-management pioneer envisions a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources without any exploitation of people or the planet, reducing negative impact from improperly-treated food waste.

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Science for Society (S4S) Technologies

An awardee of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant in 2019, this venture has developed patented UN-award winning technology that enables vegetables and fruit to be dehydrated at source, increasing shelf-life and reducing wastage.

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Krishi Naturals

A social venture promoting organic practices with farmers using India’s indigenous cow breeds to offer sustainable, healthy, pure dairy products to consumers and enabling sustainable livelihoods for farmers.

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