We are #SparkingTheFuture
of kids by enabling them to play
to their heart’s content.


Each pledge will contribute towards the
lighting of a playground

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Sparking the future - Mumbra

Sparking the future

Sports play an important role in every child’s life, in shaping their future. We are #SparkingTheFuture of kids with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, by giving them the opportunity to play to their hearts' content. Pledge your support at go.dbs.com/sparkingthefuture to provide kids access to play even after the sun sets.

Episode 10

Sparking a purpose

While the bankers race against time to bring Sachin and DBS’ purpose to life, a new development threatens to tear their budding relationship apart. Will they be able to overcome this new threat to light up the lives of millions?


Lighting the future

The bankers have travelled miles to partner up with cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar. As they set out on an incredible journey to further their shared mission, will they overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way?

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An interview with Surojit Shome

Watch how roles have reversed as Sachin interviews DBS CEO Surojit Shome in this fun and meaningful exchange around how sports, banking and business may converge to spark the change they want to see. #SparkAPurpose #SparkAChange


Sachin's Purpose.

For Sachin, sports has always been a source of strength, hope and empowerment, transforming his life. Now, he is on a mission to spark opportunities for kids in India, using sports. Watch to know why he thinks giving kids access to play is not only important, but needs to be our collective mission.


The Back Story of Episodes 1 – 3: Sunseap

Sunseap Leasing is now one of Singapore's largest clean energy provider, but in 2011, it was just another young start-up in a still-developing market. No one wanted to finance the untested company — until it approached DBS and met Tan Soh Leng and Catherine Tan, the DBS client relationship managers who went to bat for them.

Witness the difficulties they overcame together to bring clean energy to a new audience in Episode 2 of SPARKS, a mini-series by DBS.