Indonesia Tree Planting Day: Bank DBS Indonesia plants more than 5,000 tree seedlings to reduce carbon emissions | Bahasa

Indonesia.28 Nov 2023.3 min read
Indonesia, 28 Nov 2023 - Indonesia Tree Planting Day is celebrated on November 28 every year. As a purpose-driven bank, Bank DBS Indonesia plays a role in addressing sustainability issues and has participated in various initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impact of global warming, including by planting trees.

With a vision to be the "Best Bank for a Better World", Bank DBS Indonesia's ESG initiatives are encompassed in three pillars. The first pillar is Responsible Banking, which emphasizes the bank's efforts to provide ESG-themed products and services such as sustainable financing and transition financing to help customers transition into a greener business. The second pillar is Responsible Business Practices which focus on more sustainable resource management in day-to-day operations. The third pillar is Impact Beyond Banking, which underlines the bank's commitment to creating a direct positive impact on society and the environment through social activities.

Under the third pillar of sustainability, Bank DBS Indonesia is committed to reducing carbon emissions by planting more than 5,000 trees in various parts of Indonesia. To achieve the goal effectively, the tree species were selected based on their suitability to the environmental conditions, including:

Mangroves have many benefits, including providing protection against coastal erosion because their dense roots help bind and build soil. In addition, mangrove trees help store carbon from the air, thus slowing global climate change. Mangrove trees also provide financial benefits to local communities because the aesthetic beauty and uniqueness of a mangrove ecosystem create a beautiful tourist destination.

Bank DBS Indonesia has planted more than 4,500 mangrove tree saplings in several areas in Indonesia through collaboration with several strategic partners, including

Different types of hardwood trees
In addition to mangroves, which are sturdy and have a lot of benefits, Bank DBS Indonesia has also planted various types of hardwood trees, including manglid, eucalyptus, and mahogany trees. These trees play a role in maintaining ecological balance, producing oxygen, and providing habitats for flora and fauna.

On top of that, hardwood trees can be utilised for various pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. So far, Bank DBS Indonesia has planted 500 hardwood trees as a contribution to environmental conservation.

Fruit trees
The fruit trees planted by Bank DBS Indonesia have enhanced the beauty of the tropical forest. The productive fruit trees include avocado, canistel, cotton fruit, rambutan, jackfruit, bitter bean (petai), orange, and sapodilla (sawo).

Apart from their aesthetic qualities, these fruit trees also provide shade from direct sunlight. In addition to providing visual comfort, the fruit trees also increase the income of the local community and create a sustainable economy.

President Director of PT Bank DBS Indonesia Lim Chu Chong said, "Bank DBS Indonesia is firmly committed to combating global warming through education on how to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the environment. We take this approach in an integrated manner, not only through banking products that support businesses to transition to lower carbon practices, but also through greener operations with good waste management and composting, as well as social activities such as tree planting and the #MakanTanpaSisa campaign. We believe that all these efforts and cooperation to preserve the environment and nature will be able to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, thus creating a sustainable business ecosystem."

To accomplish its sustainability mission, Bank DBS Indonesia collaborates with government agencies such as the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and several strategic partners such as, LindungiHutan, and the Faculty of Forestry and Biodiversity Research Center of Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar. The partnerships are deeply entrenched in grave concern for the sustainability of the natural world and the need to create green and diverse collaborative ecosystems as well as innovation and environmental awareness. DBS Bank Ltd. (DBS Bank) has earned various international awards in recognition of its efforts to accomplish its sustainability mission, including the World's Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility for Awards for Excellence 2023 from Euromoney.

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