DBS brings Hong Kong’s first digital art exhibition led by SMEs "Reborn Exhibition: SMEs' Digital Transformation ── We are Back!" | 繁體

Hong Kong.14 Mar 2023.3 min read

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The Winning SME will receive support worth over HK$380,000

Hong Kong, 14 Mar 2023 -

In the past three years, the pandemic has affected the global economy significantly, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bearing the full brunt of its impact. DBS will be leveraging its engagement programme for SMEs, DBS BusinessClass, to hold Hong Kong’s first digital art exhibition led by SMEs “Reborn Exhibition - We are Back: Digital Transformation of SMEs” from 16 to 18 March to help SMEs seize the emerging opportunities in digitalisation in the post-pandemic era.

DBS hopes to showcase the stories of six local SMEs that have been impacted by the pandemic through holographic digital art. Visitors can learn how digital transformation can bring new opportunities to their businesses through the exhibition.

Participating SMEs include a three-decade-long dried seafood retailer Mei Yi Lin Food Store, a free interactive e-learning platform Beginneros, an unconventional big data platform for healing heartbreakers Breakup Tours, a zero-waste carbon-neutral wedding décor business ForCheer, the only local paper beverage box recycling factory Mil Mill, as well as a community pharmacy system supported by innovative and simple drug labels PharmCare. 

DBS and SMEs Go Digital Together

Mr. Wallace Lam, Managing Director and Head of Institutional Banking Group of DBS Hong Kong, said, "During the pandemic, SMEs have gone through a difficult period. As the ‘Hong Kong’s Best Bank’1  and ‘World’s Best SME Bank’2, DBS hopes to join hands with all SMEs to go further in the road to recovery. The 'Reborn Exhibition' organized by DBS BusinessClass aims to showcase the potential of digitalization in driving businesses, encouraging SMEs to step up and go digital. With the reopening of the border between Hong Kong and mainland China, DBS hopes to leverage its strong network and digital capabilities in Asia to help SMEs from Hong Kong or mainland China including the Greater Bay Area to springboard into overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, facilitating them to take the first step towards their regional aspirations.

At the same time, we understand that as global economy remains uncertain, SMEs are in need of a trustworthy banking partner more than ever. DBS has not only been selected as the "World’s Best Bank"3, but has also been selected as the "Safest Bank in Asia"4 by Global Finance for 14 consecutive years from 2009 to 2022. Underpinned by a solid capital base, long-standing customer relationships and leading digitalization strategy, we are confident that we can continue to support SMEs in different stages and economic cycles."

Mr. Stanley Cheng, Executive Vice President of The Hong Kong General Chamber Of Small and Medium Business said, "Hong Kong's business environment has faced unprecedented challenges in recent years, which has affected the development of many Hong Kong SMEs. SMEs account for 98% of all registered companies in Hong Kong and are the backbone of the local economy. The Hong Kong General Chamber Of Small and Medium Business is pleased to see DBS take a step forward in promoting digital transformation to support Hong Kong SMEs. I am confident that local SMEs can make a fresh new start in 2023 and achieve new heights."

DBS is committed to helping SMEs develop regardless of their business scale and field. The six local SMEs showcased at the exhibition cover different business areas and have faced different challenges, including Mil Mill, the only paper beverage box recycling factory in Hong Kong, which previously faced lease issues, Mei Yi Lin Food Store, a traditional dried seafood store in Tsuen Wan that was greatly impacted by the pandemic, ForCheer, a zero waste, carbon-neutral wedding decor business that was affected by the pandemic, Breakup Tours, an alternative breakup travel application that had to suspend its business due to the pandemic, as well as Beginneros, an online learning platform that provides free courses, and PharmCare, a Community Pharmacy System  that develops innovative drug icons.

In addition to showcasing the stories of six SMEs through holographic technology, the exhibition also features four art pieces that tell the journey of entrepreneurs, for visitors to check-in. Two seminars are also available for SME owners to gain valuable business insights.

Vote for SMEs: The Winning SME will receive support worth over HK$380,000

The exhibition demonstrates the possibilities and new opportunities brought about by digitalization at different business levels. In addition to showcasing the stories of six SMEs, the public can also vote for their favorite SME to help it seize the opportunity to "transform" through the generous support provided by DBS. The winning SME will be entitled to prizes worth over HK$380,000 in total, including DBS business account opening and transaction fee waiver offers, as well as marketing promotions by 100 KOLs.


Exhibition Details
Public exhibition dates: Thursday, March 16, 2023 - Saturday, March 18, 2023
Opening hours: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: Preface Coffee & Wine, 5/F, The Sharp, 11 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay (Next to Times Square)


1. DBS honoured as Best Bank in Hong Kong by four top-tier financial publications for the first time
2. DBS named ‘World’s Best SME Bank’ by Euromoney for second time
3. DBS named World’s Best Bank for fifth year running
4. DBS has been accorded the “Safest Bank in Asia“ award by Global Finance for 14 consecutive years from 2009 to 2022.




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