5 free tech hacks for better food savings

BY DBS, 17 FEB 2021

Reducing food waste and saving money go hand-in-hand! But when you’re crunched for time, you don’t always remember what you’ve left in your fridge. These handy tech tools can help you along your journey of more savings, less discarded food!

If food waste were a nation, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses, after China and the United States. From farm to fork, food gets wasted at every point in the long food supply chains, and the key to reducing that loss and waste lies literally in the palm of your hands.

With the right mobile applications, you can apply these food saving, and cost-cutting measures to your own kitchen.

When you need to make your grocery run count – KitchenPal App

Where in your zero food waste journey are you most likely to slip up? If you often find yourself overbuying groceries, KitchenPal is an application that can help keep your fridge lean, and your wallet thick.

Photo by KitchenPal

With KitchenPal, you can scan all your groceries with your phone camera. The app will then help you keep track of all your products’ expiry dates! It’ll even send you reminders when your food items are due to go bad soon.

The KitchenPal app can also help you visualise exactly how much food gets thrown away in your kitchen. You’ll even have a better hold on how much you’re spending on your groceries, so you can make more measured decisions over time.

Download the KitchenPal app on Google Play Store, or on the Apple App Store.

When you’ve got no idea what to cook up with your leftovers – Supercook app

The true mark of being a good chef is when you can cook up a feast with all your leftover food. Check out this GoodChef bundle if you need a little nudge!

Photo by Rodnae Productions

Supercook is an app that lets you hit the recipe books with the exact leftovers the you have! You can also accumulate and save recipes overtime, even keeping to your dietary needs with helpful filters.

And if you’re loyal to only some recipe websites, you’re likely to find them here. Supercook aggregates more than a million recipes from over 1,500 websites! You can also enjoy the added features of ‘writing’ shopping lists and managing your pantry with your voice.

Download the Supercook app on Google Play Store, or on the Apple App Store.

When you’re feeling skint or resourceful – TreeDots app

How does buying some fresh, restaurant-grade seafood for cheap sound? TreeDots is a Singaporean food-distribution platform that lets you go on “sprees” at trusted restaurants, food producers, importers, and distributors!

Expect to find food that’s nearing their expiry dates, and produce that gets rejected because they’re “ugly”. You can even get your hands on prized ingredients that restaurants have extras of! By buying your produce from social entperprise TreeDots, you’re also helping F&B suppliers throw less food away.

TreeDots was also a 2018 DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant Awardee, which helped them scale up the business for good!

Download the TreeDots app on Google Play Store, or on the Apple App Store.

When you’ve got more to go around! – The Virtual Foodbanking App

Ironically enough, the process of donating food can also result in a lot of food wastage. The Virtual Foodbanking app was developed by DBS and The Food Bank Singapore to help surplus food supplies get to beneficiaries more efficiently!

Photo by The Food Bank Singapore

Previously manual sorting of donations meant long turnaround times. By the time food supplies reached beneficiaries, duplicate food donations were a common occurrence, and many consumables would be close to expiry.

The Virtual Foodbanking app uses big data and real-time information to help connect enterprises with beneficiaries more efficiently. And if you’re ever in need of a helping hand, the app can help make sure that you don’t go hungry.

Download The Virtual Foodbanking app on Google Play Store, or on the Apple App Store.

And… when you’re too tired to cook – Treatsure app

TREAT YO’SELF! The Treatsure app lets you get in on some awesome deals on premium hotel and restaurant food.

Save perfectly good surplus food from the bin – think burgers, and buffet items! In fact, Treatsure is Singapore’s first mobile reservation app that allows food establishments to offer surplus food to happy consumers.

If you’re a food merchant looking to reduce your food waste, Treatsure can use its data analytics to help predict how much food you should prepare every day. Not over, not under, but just right.

As one of the main sponsors of MasterChef Singapore Season 2, DBS shines a spotlight on how we can each reduce our food waste in the kitchen.

Learn more about how you can continue your journey #TowardsZeroFoodWaste.

Find out more about DBS’ other partnerships and initiatives #TowardsZeroFoodWaste.

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