Company culture beyond the big office | Future Tense Episode 1

BY DBS, 8 OCT 2020

In 2020, office workers were forced to work remotely to curb the spread of the virus. And while some offices are re-opening and employees are going back to work, albeit with a different set up and schedule, other companies have announced either extended, indefinite or even permanent WFH arrangements.

What does this all mean for the big office? Are there intangibles at risk when we no longer routinely share a space with our colleagues? Our host Carolyn Camoens speaks with Ben Hamley, Asia-Pacific Lead for the Future of Work at JLL, and Borko Kovacevic, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and Lynn Dang, HR Lead at Microsoft Singapore.

Full transcript here.

Ben Hamley, Future of Work Lead, Asia-Pacific, JLL
Lynn Dang, HR Lead, Microsoft Singapore
Borko Kovacevic, CMO & COO, Microsoft Singapore

2:54 – Future of work trends in Asia
6:57 – Who decides where to work - the company or the employee?
10:31 – What's a company when it doesn't exist in a physical place
12:02 – The need for a strong social purpose
15:18 – Augmented humanity at the workplace
16:10 – Are we losing the human touch when we are physically apart?
18:05 – What does remote work mean for corporate culture?

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