In today’s digital age, we know you want banking to be simple, seamless and invisible, so that you can spend time on the people and things you care about.

Recognising this, we’ve spent the last few years reimagining banking. And now, we believe the time has come to truly embody a new kind of banking.

Our commitment is this – we’ll be working doubly hard to enable you to live hassle-free with invisible banking, seize life’s opportunities and live larger than yourselves. In other words, to “Live more, Bank less”.

It’s more than just a tagline – it’s a promise that we are making.

Live hassle-free with invisible banking

Paving the way for on-demand investing

We at DBS have always tried to keep our digital game on point and have been focused to meet the requirements of digital natives. Another proof point to this is; currently we are the only bank in India that has done away with filing of multiple forms to start investing in mutual funds.

Live hassle-free with invisible banking

How DBS Bank's KAI banking chatbot is setting a new benchmark in customer service

In the last two years, our KAI virtual banking assistant has been able to handle 80% of the queries received by us with close to 80% accuracy.

Seize life’s opportunities

Engineering the future of banking

The DBS hackathon was a great opportunity to innovate, to think and to work like a start up without bootstrapping.

Live larger than yourself

Two Goals. One Solution

Team DAH2 contributes to an UN Sustainability Development Goal while empowering Digital Education.

Live larger than yourself

Krishi Naturals Organic Farming Model a gamechanger

Many social venture start-ups like Krishi Naturals need a strong support system to be sustainable and in this case the help came from DBS Bank.