Dare to Become a Social Enterprise?


With a range of social issues across the country, social entrepreneurship is actually “the-way-to-go” to address these challenges in a sustainable manner. However, the concept itself has not been made feasible to many, simply because the awareness of such concept is still low. Access to this kind of information is relatively centralised in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, or in a broader area, Java.


With that in mind, DBS Foundation partners with UKM Center Universitas Indonesia (Center of Small Medium Enterprises, Universitas Indonesia) to develop a handbook on Social Entrepreneurship that covers useful information and practical guidance for those who are interested in starting their own enterprise and solve social problems.


The book itself is made possible through a series of discussions and interviews with the Social Entrepreneurship players (entrepreneurs, incubators, etc.) across the country. Also backed up by adequate research, the book highlights social entrepreneurs that inspire the world and Indonesia before it helps the readers to understand the ecosystem in the country and start to exercise with the tools and information provided.


Through this book, we aim not only to enlighten the readers with the concept, but also to encourage those with the calling to make a difference to use the necessary know-how and start doing something.

Download Social Enterprise Handbook