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People of Purpose

People of Purpose (PoP) is a staff volunteer movement organised by DBS that promotes our values, engages our employees, and leverages our staff’s time and expertise - all while making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we live and work.

At the moment, DBS Indonesia is partnering with to channel the interests and talents of DBSI staff in volunteering and leaving positive impacts for the community.

In 2014 while partnering with Happy Hearts Foundation, over 100 staff from DBS Indonesia participated in rebuilding a pre-school located in Jakarta’s suburb area. The school had a single classroom for 63 children and minimal infrastructure. Efforts were therefore placed to provide a better environment for the children and the immediate community. Staff from DBS Indonesia helped build 2 new classrooms and made way for construction of more classrooms thereby creating adequate space for the children.

In another programme, staff walked the talk by participating in the Social Entrepreneurship drive with Provisi Education where they gave their time to mentor and guide 400 high school students who were placed in social entrepreneurship workshops and related training.