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The DBS Foundation, which was launched in 2014, is an endeavour from DBS Bank to make a lasting impact in addressing Asia’s evolving social needs.

With a growing Asia and its promising potential comes a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, which challenges traditional solutions. DBS Foundation recognises that Social Enterprises (SEs) are important contributors to inclusive economic and social development. With commercially sustainable solutions, SEs provide jobs, goods and services to the disadvantaged. SEs address social issues that impact the communities we live and work in.

Our vision is to shape a better future for Asia. The DBS Foundation focuses on building a more inclusive Asia by championing social entrepreneurship. It is instrumental in helping us be a force for good.

What We Do

As the only corporate foundation in Asia dedicated to championing social entrepreneurship, we work with SEs and Social Entrepreneurs in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, China and Taiwan to support their growth. This is similar to the way in which DBS has worked closely with SMEs in these same communities. Our programmes aim to grow social enterprises at each stage of their development. Through these programmes, we seek to:

  • Create awareness and understanding of social entrepreneurship among public and commercial communities
  • Encourage the incubation of innovative social enterprises
  • Provide both funding and skilled volunteer support to social enterprises. 

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Who We Work With

To further the mission of championing social entrepreneurship in Indonesia, we build partnerships with strong institutions like Usaha Kecil Menengah Center, Universitas Indonesia (UKMC UI/SME Center UI) as well as social enterprises that run interesting programmes of Change.

In 2014, DBS Foundation established a partnership with UKMC UI to develop a handbook on Social Entrepreneurship, covering the inspiring stories from Social Enterprises around the world and Indonesia, as well as practical guidance on how to start Social Enterprise based on the Indonesian ecosystem and available assistance from various organizations. The book will be launched in July 2015. Following the book, UKMC UI will also be the partner for Social Enterprise Boot Camp where expertise will provide workshops aimed to equip selected Social Enterprises with skills and capacity to develop robust business plan in order to pitch for financial assistance.

Aside from that initiative, DBS Foundation partnered with Greeneration Indonesia, a social enterprise championing environment issue that is now focusing on its subsidiary, Waste4Change to pursue a more comprehensive solution in waste management. Greeneration received grants from DBS Foundation in 2014 to roll out a campaign on responsible waste management (including the implementation) and social entrepreneurship concept to five schools in Bekasi. Up to date, this effort has reached up to 1,400 students, teachers and school officers since the programme’s launch in March 2015.

Through a structured grant programme from the foundation, we offer grants to social enterprises which are in various stages of growth. More on the DBS Foundation’s Grant Programme can be found here

In addition we source products and services from social enterprises encouraging their business. We also feature various SEs in our internal and external publications giving their business and social mission the visibility they deserve.