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DBS Bank Annual Report 1998

Performance at a Glance

Financial Highlights

Letter to Shareholders

Corporate Governance

Operations Review

Financial Report



Financial Highlights

The Financial Highlights are split into the following pages:

Financial Highlights 1

  • Net Profit After Tax
  • Operating Profit
  • Group Net Interest Income & Non-interest Income

Financial Highlights 2

  • Group Income Before Operating Expenses, Operating Expenses & Ratio of Operating Expenses to Income Before Operating Expenses
  • Group Provisions & Provisions as Percentage of Operating Profit
  • Group Total Shareholders' Funds & Return on Average Total Shareholders' Funds (ROE)

Financial Highlights 3

  • Group Customer Loans & Advances & Customer Loans to Total Assets Ratio
  • Group Customer Deposits
  • Group Total Assets & Return on Average Total Assets (ROA)

Financial Highlights 4

  • Group Share Capital & Earnings Per Ordinary Share (EPS)
  • Unrealised Valuation Surpluses
  • Group Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

Financial Highlights 5

  • Group Total Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) & NPLS as Percentage of Total Loans
  • Group Singapore & Other Countries' NPLs & NPLs as Percentage of Total of Singapore & Other Countries' Loans
  • Group Regional NPLs & NPLs as Percentage of Total Regional Loans

Financial Highlights 6

  • Group Cumulative Specific & General Provisions as Percentage of Unsecured NPLs
  • Group Regional Exposure & Regional Exposure as Percentage of Total Assets

Group Regional Exposure at end 1998