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DBS Bank Annual Report 1998

Performance at a Glance

Financial Highlights

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Financial Report



Financial Highlights (pt 5)
Group Total Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) & NPLs as Percentage of Total Loans

  Total NPLs excluding TDB 
1998: S$7,086.0 million 
(including TDB)
: S$4,211.7 million
(excluding TDB)  (+278.8%) 
1997: S$1,112.0 million

Out of total NPLs of S$7,086.0 million, S$4.0 billion (56% including TDB) were secured by collateral; S$2.1 billion (30%) were non-defaulting but graded substandard.

   Total NPLs as % of Total Loans
1998: 8.2% (including TDB)
: 5.2% (excluding TDB) 
(+3.3 percentage points) 
1997: 1.9%


Group Singapore & Other Countries' NPLs & NPLs as Percentage of Total of Singapore & Other Countries' Loans

  Singapore & Other
      Countries' NPLs 
1998: S$2,972.5 million
1997: S$746.4 million

   Singapore & Other
      Countries'  NPLs as %
      of Total Singapore &
      Other Countries'
1998: 3.9% 
(+2.4 percentage points) 
1997: 1.5%
Singapore NPLs rose to S$2,705.3 million at end-December 1998 compared to S$649.3 million in 1997, reflecting the impact of the Asian crisis. Close to 90% (S$2.4 billion) of the Singapore NPLs were classified in the substandard category; three-quarters (S$1.8 billion) of these were non-defaulting loans and were classified due to assessed weakness in the borrowers' financial strength or loan restructuring.


Group Regional NPLs & NPLs as Percentage of Total Regional Loans

   Regional NPLs
       excluding TDB
1998: S$4,113.5 million
(including TDB) : S$1,239.2 million
(excluding TDB) (+238.9%) 
1997: S$365.6 million

NPLs for exposure to the Regional Countries (Regional NPLs) increased mainly due to more stringent criteria adopted for classifying NPLs,
continuing weakness in the regional economies and consolidation of TDB's and DBS Bank Philippines' NPLs. Loans are automatically classified as NPLs once the principal or interest payments are three months or more in arrears, compared with six months previously.

- Regional NPLs as % of Total Regional Loans 
1998: 36.4% (including TDB)
: 22.8% (excluding TDB)
(+17.4 percentage points) 
1997: 5.4%

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