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DBS Bank Annual Report 1998

Performance at a Glance

Financial Highlights

Letter to Shareholders

Corporate Governance

Operations Review

Financial Report



Financial Report

Good corporate governance dictates the way we maintain ongoing effectiveness in all aspects of DBS' operations - including the way we measure and report our financial results to shareholders.

The same high standards that guide all of our business endeavours also determine the way we disclose information about our business. DBS is committed to providing shareholders, irrespective of the size of their holdings, with full and open disclosure. We seek transparency in our financial reporting and comprehensive communications about our performance measures, growth strategies and results. Our primary job is to build value over time for investors who have entrusted their assets to us. To support this responsibility, DBS' corporate governance programme strives for ongoing effectiveness in all aspects of the Bank's operations.

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Complete 1998 Annual Report (16.65MB)

Complete Financial Report (213k)
(consisting of)

  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes to the Financial Statement
  • Director's Report
  • Statement by the Directors
  • Report of the Auditors
  • Ten-Year Summary of Operations of DBS Bank
  • Ten-Year Summary of Operations of DBS Group
  • Share Price and Monthly Turnover
  • Listing of DBS Group's Major Properties
  • Interested Persons Transactions
  • Shareholding Statistics
  • Glossary