Encouraging mutual care, and reimagining the future of work.

DBS’ TOGETHER movement seeks to boost employee morale through a holistic series of programmes aimed at addressing their physical, emotional, mental and psychological well-being.

Helping employees adopt new behaviours and ways of working
  • From tips on how to establish new work routines or organising work corners at home, we want to ease our colleagues' transition to new work arrangements.
  • Managers are also given guidance on how to boost team morale and engage their teams remotely.

Enabling employees to continue to build social connections
  • Organising virtual team meals and group fitness exercises.
  • Creating casual online hangout sessions to bring together employees with common interests.

Taking care of our colleagues' well-being
  • Care packages with masks, hand sanitisers and health supplements distributed to all employees.
  • Webinars on health and well-being organised regularly.
  • Employees given free access to a mindfulness app tailored to workplace mental wellness.
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