Encouraging mutual care, and reimagining the future of work.

DBS’ TOGETHER movement seeks to boost employee morale through a holistic series of programmes aimed at addressing their physical, emotional, mental and psychological well-being.

Helping employees adopt new behaviours and ways of working
  • To gain new updates surrounding the bank as well as covid-19, DBS Indonesia centralizes all internal communication through the Lyfemore platform. With this, staff will always feel updated about the company and its current condition.
  • To maintain team productivity at home, the leaders of DBS Indonesia bank hold regular meetings to catch up, share ideas and tips to comfort staff during these unprecedented times. Online townhalls are also conducted to give company updates as well as moral support to all DBSI employees

Enabling employees to continue to build social connections
  • DBSI CBG team is consistently coming out with various creative and sustainable activities to elevate boredom when working from home. From bread and noodle cooking competition to crafting environmentally friendly creations, it is their means to connect with work friends and stay positive amidst the pandemic.
  • On Kartini Day, we bring forward the role women must endure when working from home. HR and GSMC team conducted an online webinar with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and social entrepreneurs as a medium for discussion and inspiration for the women of DBS Indonesia.

Taking care of our colleagues' well-being
  • A whole month full of mindfulness! Initiated by HR, DBSI Indonesia Wellness Program invites various experts ranging from yoga, meditation, healthy cooking to even creative learning to relieve stress during #workfromhome.
  • Acknowledging current difficulties in accessing health facilities and meeting doctors, DBS Indonesia collaborated with Generali insurance to facilitate information related to health and covid-19. Helping employees to gain access to health consultations #fromhome.
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