DBS Indonesia taking care of their staff amidst Covid-19

DBS Indonesia taking care of their staff amidst Covid-19

Since end of March, the pandemic has been escalating and more positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia arise. We realized that the situation was getting tougher, and some of basic health needs were hard to find.

Basic protections such as mask, hand sanitizer and vitamins or certain medicines to help protect ourselves were unlikely to be found, moreover, the product’s price was getting more expensive in the market. The safety of the staff is a priority for DBS Indonesia. Therefore, series of support were arranged to ensure that our staff were very well taken care of. Thousands of “Care Package” was distributed to all staff across Indonesia. Many of them express their appreciation & felt lucky that the bank never fails to take care and prioritize their employee especially during this pandemic. The “Care Package” was also extended to third party staff such as securities, cleaning personnel, and messengers.

It doesn’t stop there. During the pandemic. the Bank continues to provide support to all staff with various facilities and services: from such a strong IT infrastructures to working hour arrangements, Work from office and work from home arrangements which include lunch for the ones who have to work from office, Transport assistance (e-voucher taxi and reimbursement system), Parking assistance (reimbursement system), Extension coverage in general I-Flex (Health Insurance), Internet data assistance, and also Groceries pack to staff members that are infected when needed.

To support and facilitate staff who work from home, DBSI IT Desktop and Asset teams managed to procure and set up 700 laptops in 4 days! With only 12 team members from both teams combined, they procured, set up and distributed all new laptops on time. Not to mention, the Office Management unit. They managed to do regular disinfectant efforts in all part of BDS offices as well as applying special anti-microbial coating in areas touched by public; ATM, doorknobs, receptionist desks, etc that has the ability to prevent virus and bacterial to stay on such surfaces. DBS Bank has implemented 360 measures to keep our staff healthy and safe.

“I was surprised and felt cared for by the company where I worked. The bank provided something that was most needed during this pandemic. My Care Package from DBS Indonesia is very fulfilling my needs and i feel that DBS pays attention to their staff’s health.”