Long-distance Concerns

Tri Wibowo is one among the tens-of-thousand villagers, who have big dreams in trying their luck in Jakarta. He journeyed alone, left his wife behind in the village, and planned to go back for a visit, especially during the religious holidays.

Tri lives in a small rented room in North Jakarta, on an alley near his workplace as a driver’s assistant in a transport company. His meager salary had been enough to make ends meet. Tri even could send a portion of it to his wife back in the village. As a driver’s assistant in a commercial vehicles rental company, Tri must attend to the passengers, wash and clean the vehicles.

This pandemic caused lockdowns that impacted businesses and the economy. Human mobilization dropped drastically, which badly hurt transport companies, including the one that employed Tri. Termination of employment was unavoidable. Tri has been out of worked since March 2020.

DBS Indonesia collaborated with KSBSI, a confederation of workers’ unions with thousand members from all sectors in Indonesia, provided foods for workers and daily labourers under the Stronger Together Fund campaign. Tri is a member of this organization.

“This pandemic badly impacted my family, especially since I was furloughed. The support from Bank DBS Indonesia is very useful for me and my family. I can save some money because of it,”
- Tri Wibowo, a worker whose employment was terminated.