Growing by being purposeful and have strong business value

Dos Ni Roha fulfills the upsurge in demands for medical facilities and supplies during COVID-19 pandemic while upholding ethical business values.

Effective Leadership

Companies are either made or broken by its leaders. In the decade since Rudy Tanoesudibjo purchased Dos Ni Roha, a medical supplies distributor, the company has flourished substantially. The selection of facilities and supplies the company offers ranges from vitamins, hand-sanitizers, rapid COVID test kits to emergency ventilators.

The company’s scope reaches from Sumatra to Papua with 47 branches, 3000 employees and 100’000 outlets across 463 cities in Indonesia. In addition to stocking the shelves of 95% Indonesian hospitals, Dos Ni Roha also channels its supplies to pharmacies, supermarkets, clinics, labs and even mom-‘n-pop shops.

Business with Values

The outbreak of the pandemic reasserts Rudy’s ethical values in business practices. With the burgeoning demands for medical supplies, market shortage has been on the rampant. However, under Rudy’s leadership, all of the goods offered in the market maintain their pre-pandemic prices.

At the same time, the company keeps tabs on their customers, ascertaining that no single group or entity would stockpile or monopolize the crucial supplies in any given location.

“We are blessed,” said Rudy, “It is part of our obligation to share our blessings as far as we are able. Every city in our market coverage receives the amount it needs.”

He adds, “I remind my employees that we need to share our blessings. This edict is stated in all the religions, and I expect my employees to apply it in their daily activities.”

Rudy’s business values are proven compelling. While millions around the world are filing for unemployment, Rudy’s employees maintain their full salaries and benefits. Rather than taking advantage of the situation to make an exorbitant profit, Rudy focuses on keeping his employees under the company’s payroll.

In fact, the demand for supplies is growing. As the positive cases in Indonesia are rising, Dos Ni Roha prepares for a growing demand and seeks to expand its business capital, with DBS Indonesia as mediator.

The Guiding Principle

With the escalating need for medical supplies, Rudy solemnly states that Dos Ni Roha is more than a source of income. To Rudy, the company has become a source of pride for what it can achieve in the service of the Indonesian people.

His final remarks, “If more people can access the test kits, the easier it is for the government to map out the cases across the nation. With that knowledge, we grow more efficient in distributing the necessary health supplies throughout Indonesia.”