Always ahead and competitive in any situation

The rapid growth of fintech—the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies—in Indonesia reflects the rise of peer-to-peer lending. The so-called P2P lending is digital-based lending practices to individuals and businesses. It is imperative for fintech companies to utilize high digital capabilities.

This is why Astra Sedaya Finance (ASF) must transform the way they do business to generate positive experience among their customers.

The Institutional Banking Group team of Bank DBS Indonesia understands these challenges that are facing companies like ASF. The bank that was previously handling ASF’s financial aspect were lacking the appropriate digital infrastructure capability in dealing with those challenges.

The DBS team introduced Realtime Application Programming Interface by DBS, RAPID for short, which could leverage ASF capability to compete and simultaneously grow their business.

Starting this year ASF has been utilizing the RAPID infrastructure thanks to DBS Indonesia’s rapid response. Now they can run their business efficiently and effectively, particularly in taking care of their customers.