Giving power to the people

Through innovation and digital technologies, we have increased access to financial services, especially to traditionally underserved populations. This includes extending credit to the previously unbanked, and disbursing funds through mobile phones. By giving our customers insights, knowledge, as well as access to data and easy banking, we also empower them to make their own financial decisions.
Enabling financial inclusion
  • Made access to credit easier through the introduction of data-driven algorithmic credit underwriting models in India and Indonesia, allowing us to approve small ticket-sized loans to individuals at a faster pace through their mobile phones

  • Enabled migrant workers in Singapore to have uninterrupted banking services through mobile app POSB Jolly. This includes making it easy for them to remit funds home to loved ones

  • Lowered the barrier to entry of opening a bank account in India and Indonesia with digibank, an innovative bank in a phone. This has availed banking to more than three million people in India and Indonesia

Democratising financial services

Digital insurance

  • Made it easy for customers to obtain cover for important areas of their lives with minimum fuss. One such area is cancer cover, which can be purchased online without the need for a health check


  • Launched DBS digiPortfolio, an inhouse hybrid human-robo solution, enabling consumer banking customers to tap into financial expertise and investment opportunities usually limited to wealth clients