Catalysing a sustainability movement

We recognise that building a better world needs to be a collaborative effort involving all, and are focused on catalysing change by rallying our customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the public, to become more sustainable by making them aware of social and environmental issues.
  • Expanded our suite of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and social investing offerings, so socially-conscious clients have more avenues to support stakeholder capitalism

  • Provided SGD 5 billion in financing for sustainability-linked loans(1), renewable and clean energy-related loans and green loans

    • Launched Singapore’s first SME sustainability-linked loan with Chew’s Agriculture

    • Signed Taiwan’s first sustainability-linked loan with AU Optronics

  • Rallied our people to support causes around the elderly, education and the environment. Altogether, 88,000 employee volunteering hours were invested in these three areas

  • Rolled out Agency for Integrated Care’s Dementia Awareness (Foundation) e-learning course to all 12,000 employees in Singapore to help them recognise signs of dementia and to enhance communication with those who are affected

  • Ensured that 99.9% of our new suppliers have signed a commitment to our Sustainable Sourcing Principles

  • Partnered Impact Investment Exchange to support the issuance of the USD 12 million Women’s Livelihood Bond 2, which aims to create sustainable livelihoods for more than 250,000 underserved women in Asia

  • Encouraged the public to live more sustainably via:

    • Sparks Season 2, an award-winning mini-series, which is based on social enterprises supported by DBS Foundation. The first five episodes garnered 144 million views

    • Marina Regatta, DBS Singapore’s marquee dragon boating cum lifestyle event. The event raised eco-consciousness among attendees through immersive and interactive games and exhibitions. The entire setup was done using recycled, re-usable and natural materials

    • “Recycle more, Waste less” campaigns. DBS Indonesia encouraged millennials to pledge towards a cleaner environment, and donated IDR 1,000 in support of environmental education for each pledge made

(1)Sustainability-linked loans are structured to enable customers to pay less interest when they achieve a set of pre-agreed ESG performance targets which are validated by an independent ESG rating agency or verification party