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ACT (Action against Cyber Theft) is a consumer awareness series by DBS Bank India. With this series, DBS aims to promote steps that the consumer can take to avoid being a victim of Cyber Thefts.

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The road to security passes through the doors of awareness.

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Most of the times, lack of awareness about internet security results in a cybercrime.
She is our tech savvy grandma who gives lifesaving advices on cyberspace.

Meet Cyber Nani

  • Don’t let Wifi hotspots put you in a spot
  • Try updating your antivirus before updating your social status
  • Your password shouldn't be your screensaver
Cyber Nani Car
  • Some times to show you care, you need not share
  • Staying away from cookies will keep you slim and cyber safe
  • You’re skilled at Kung-Fu, but your laptop isn’t.
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