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ACT (Action against Cyber Theft) is an educative series run by DBS Bank as an initiative, to create awareness about cyber security amongst consumers.

With the increasing use of internet and progress towards a digital world, needless to say, the ease and convenience that it offers is simply unmatchable. But, as we all know, nothing comes for free, and the usage of technology is no exception to this popular belief. The diminishing distances, reducing timelines replaced by surging click through, all come at a cost, “Cybercrimes”.

Cybercrime is an offence which uses computer or the internet to carry out illegal or criminal activities.

It can be inferred that number of cybercrimes is directly proportionate to use of information technology (IT) enabled services such as e- business and electronic transactions. Thus to say with the steady growth of cyber crimes like spamming, computer hacking, cyber stalking and email fraud, protection of personal data has assumed supreme importance.

Reports suggest cyber crime is likely to double to 3 lakh cases in the year 2015.

Scary, isn’t it?

As a force for good, it has been our constant endeavour to positively impact communities in which we live and play a catalyst in solving Asia’s social challenges.

ACT tells you everything you need to know with never before simplicity. We aim to provide you with the best of resources and information in one place.

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