1) Human Rights

1.1) DBS’ Suppliers are to work to support and respect the protection of human rights, and ensure that they are not complicit (directly or indirectly) in any human rights abuses (including, without limitation, human trafficking and slavery).

1.2) Child labour shall not be used. Where there is no gazetted legislative age, the minimum age shall be 16 years. Workers aged 18 or below shall not be employed to work at night or in hazardous conditions.

1.3) DBS’ Suppliers are to prohibit the application of any form of inhumane treatment. Physical abuse, or the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other forms of harassment including verbal abuse and intimidation shall be strictly prohibited.

1.4) DBS’ Suppliers are to recognise and respect the rights of its employees to associate freely and to organise and bargain collectively in accordance with the local laws in which they are employed.

1.5) DBS’ Suppliers are encouraged to promote diversity and inclusion. There shall not be any discrimination based on race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or political affiliations.

2) Safety and Health

2.1) DBS’ Suppliers are to adhere to all mandatory local health and safety regulations and standards, and to implement adequate precautions to protect the health and safety of their workers, in accordance with the nature of the industry.

3) Environmental Sustainability

3.1) DBS’ Suppliers are to support and promote environmental protection, and to comply with local environmental laws and regulations.

3.2) DBS’ Suppliers are to promote greater environmental responsibility and support the bank in the use of goods and services which help mitigate our environmental impact, as well as better managing and utilising resources such as energy, paper, water and waste.

3.3) DBS’ Suppliers are to promote the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.

3.4) DBS may request and the Supplier shall provide evidence that they have implemented or are in the process of working towards implementation of an environmental programme or policy. In the absence of such a programme being in place, the Supplier shall provide a statement describing their incumbent position with regards to the environment.

4) Business Integrity and Ethics

4.1) DBS’ Suppliers are to conduct themselves ethically and morally, respect local laws, and strictly prohibit bribery and corruption in any form. Suppliers are encouraged to report all suspected cases, actual breaches or concealment of any forbidden acts.

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