Driving energy efficiency

We have made significant investments in driving energy efficiency in our markets, and this has enabled us to operate in a larger banking franchise with a smaller environmental footprint. Specifically, our total electricity consumption fell by more than 1,600MWh in 2018, despite an increase in real estate footprint following the integration of the ANZ franchise and expansion in Hyderabad, India.

Driving sustainable behaviours

We actively encourage employees in our key markets to adopt sustainable lifestyle habits through campaigns that raise awareness on how individuals can be the change. One such campaign was the DBS Eco-Cup Campaign, a six-week pilot behavioural change programme conducted in collaboration with the Building Construction Authority, that resulted in employees practising better recycling habits with reduced contamination of recyclables. Working with our cafeteria vendors in Singapore, we stopped using single use plastic straws and replaced with more environmentally friendly materials. Employees were also given token incentives for using their own cups or containers to reduce the use of disposals.

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