Our Culture

The defining characteristic of the DBS culture is a true sense of purpose. Born from our roots as a development bank, there is palpable sense of wanting to make positive impact, and do real things for real people. As a bank, we are here to enrich lives and transform businesses – by creating amazing solutions and experiences that will make a lasting difference.

This clarity of intent anchors our second defining feature, the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. People tend to focus on shared outcomes and the common good, guided by a rubric of customer experience. People do not have to watch their back; rather, we have each other’s back!

We are not afraid to do things differently. It excites us when we get to challenge the status quo, find innovative ways to deliver great experiences for our customers. The willingness to experiment and take risk is increasingly being ingrained.

Recognizing the need for agility and nimbleness, we are trying hard to be a flatter company, with decision making pushed as close to the points of action as possible. We are also trying to marry data and experience in the decision making process.

We work hard. But we also strive to create a joyful work culture where people are energised by being part of a great team and having fun. We are open-minded, empathetic, respectful of others and we take time to recognise and celebrate the contribution and success of our people. At DBS, we are like family.


Our Values

Our PRIDE! values shape the way we do business and work with each other: Purpose-driven, Relationship-led, Innovative, Decisive, Everything Fun! While modern technology has helped to transform the banking sector, we are ultimately still a people-driven business. As we continue to expand, our goal is to embed a set of firm values into the organisation so that we can develop a distinctive DBS performance culture with PRIDE!.


We Create Impact Beyond Banking
At DBS, we believe the impact we create goes beyond banking… because what we do touches real people, real businesses and real lives. We are committed to drive amazing solutions and experiences for our customers, to make banking joyful and create a more sustainable bank.


We Collaborate to Win for DBS
At DBS, we build long-lasting relationships and strong teams. We collaborate widely by working together to find better solutions. We build trust by being dependable and objective in how we deal with people.


We Embrace Change to Add Value
We embrace change and we are not afraid to do things differently. We are encouraged to challenge the status quo and find innovative ways to serve our customers well and create delightful experiences.


We are Decisive and hold ourselves Accountable​
People thrive here as they are given the freedom to decide, take ownership and make things happen. We make decisions based on data.
 We are Everything Fun!
We recognise and celebrate the contribution and success of others. We are open-minded, empathetic and respectful of others. In doing so, we create a joyful work culture where people are energised about being part of a great team and can have fun together.

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