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Managing Our Environmental Footprint

As a leading financial services group in Asia with a footprint across 18 markets, we are committed to driving positive change across all aspects of corporate sustainability, and making a difference by acting responsibly through sustainable practices, behaviour and technology that respect our environment.

DBS is committed to incorporating sustainable designs and practices into our offices and branches, while investing in energy-related initiatives and waste management programmes to reduce our environmental footprint. We also organise activities throughout the year to enhance staff awareness and engagement on sustainability.

RE100 Commitment

DBS is the first Asian bank and Singapore company to join the global renewable energy initiative, RE100. We have set a target to power 100% of our operations in Singapore using renewable energy by 2030, with an eventual goal to extend this to 100% of our global operations.

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Green Buildings

By utilising green building designs and features, we can reduce our impact on the environment. Due to electricity consumption, our most direct and significant environmental impact in fact comes from our office buildings and branches.

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Energy Consumption and Waste Management

Compared to 2015, DBS offices and branches across six markets reduced our collective carbon emissions total by 4%, resulting in estimated cost savings of SGD 1.2 million.

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Sparking a Green Mindset

Our employees play an important role in the green movement. Our efforts are focused on staff awareness and engagement, encouraging a green mindset both at work and in their everyday lives.

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