Inaugural DBS Supplier Day and DBS Supplier Excellence Awards 2020

Group Procurement and Services held the Inaugural DBS Supplier Day in conjunction with the inaugural DBS Supplier Excellence Awards on 17 November 2020. The half-day virtual event, attended by over 120 attendees, was to honour and thank our suppliers for their collaboration and contribution towards our sustainable business practices. They are one of the key factors that contribute to our positive business growth, future competitiveness and success.

The world we live in is constantly moving, and our planet only has a finite amount of resources. Individual efforts to reduce the amount of resources used is not enough. It must be done collectively while concurrently working to discover new ways to reuse and recycle. Knowing the importance of adopting sustainable business practices for a better world, we chose ‘Sustainability’ as the theme for the DBS Supplier Day 2020.

DBS Supplier Day 2020

Donna Trowbridge, Chief Procurement Officer of DBS Group, opened the event with a welcome address, where she shared on DBS’ procurement vision, digital procurement journey, and drive towards a carbon neutral and zero waste supply chain by 2030. She also shared with participants that as the world continues to change around us, we need to explore new ways to operate and drive growth. At DBS, we appreciate and value the extensive expertise and innovation created within our supply chain. We aim to work with our suppliers to deliver products and services of great sustainable value for DBS.

Barney Swan, founder of Climate Force and a South Pole Explorer, delivered the keynote address for the event. In his inspiring keynote address, Barney shared on his 60-day expedition to the South Pole and how he completed 1,000 km using entirely renewable energy. This echoed the message that if we can make such efforts in a harsh environment like Antarctica, then surely, we can also make sustainable efforts in our environment.

In the plenary session, Adrian Lim, Head of Managing Director’s Office at Ricoh, Isabella Huang-Loh, Chairman of Singapore Environment Council and Bernie Donachie, Managing Director, Global Head of Supply Chain at Protiviti were invited to discuss ‘Why Elevating Sustainable Practices is Important for Businesses’. A key point of discussion was on the role companies can play to propagate a culture of sustainability.

Bernie shared his view that a company’s key target area should be the sourcing pipeline. He opined that companies should carefully consider the vendors they purchase from, the types of materials they use, and what kind of transportation they use if companies want to be more proactive about sustainable practices.

He cited the example of utility poles. Utility poles made from pine wood are treated with chemicals to repel insects, and after their useful lifespan of about 40 years, the poles are taken down and replaced. However, the chemicals become so toxic over the years that the pine wood pole cannot be repurposed afterwards and instead becomes a hazardous material. If cedar wood is used instead, which only costs marginally a bit more than pine, there would be no need for chemical treatment as cedar has natural repellents for insects. Additionally, the cedar pole can last about 60 years and can be repurposed once taken down, which also helps to reduce deforestation as the need for new sources of wood are alleviated.

The plenary session concluded with much of the discussions reinforcing the point that companies should be more mindful about their purchases if they want to practice sustainability as even a small change can have a huge impact towards reducing our carbon footprint.

DBS Supplier Excellence Awards 2020

The DBS Supplier Excellence Awards took place immediately after the plenary session. The intent is to celebrate the successes, recognises excellence, and promote best practices amongst our suppliers. After all, they are our valued partners who have contributed towards putting DBS on track to become the Best Bank for a Better World.

Huawei was selected as our ‘Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year’ as they have consistently demonstrated their ‘Customer First’ corporate culture through the services provided to the bank. At the start of the pandemic, Huawei supplied 4,000 VDIs in one day to facilitate government’s work-from-home (WFH) mandate and installed a new storage system during the pandemic to improve WFH accessibility.

On the non-technology front, Bettr Barista was awarded the ‘Social Enterprise Supplier of the Year’ as they personify a business that embodies social mission at its core. At the heart of their business is a mission to empower vulnerable groups via a proprietary Bettr Holistic Training Programme developed around coffee. And SFA walked away with the ‘Sustainability Project of the Year’ for pioneering Hong Kong’s "GREEN" concept uniform made from recycled bottles. Each uniform is made from approximately seven recycled bottles in line with DBS’ sustainability agenda. In addition, they also adopt a data driven order placement workflow to align with DBS’ digital and tech driven goals.

The full list of winners for the DBS Supplier Excellence Awards is provided below:

  1. Most Valued Technology Partner of the Year: Huawei International Pte Ltd
  2. Most Valued Business Partner of the Year: AETOS Security Management Pte Ltd
  3. Social Enterprise Supplier of the Year: Bettr Barista Pte Ltd
  4. Sustainability Project of the Year: Supply of GREEN Uniform by SFA Asia Limited
  5. Best Collaboration of the Year: Covid-19 Safe Distancing Measures by SPACElogic Pte Ltd

Congratulations to all winners!

This is what our participants had to say about the event.

SPACElogic Pte Ltd:
“A very big thank you to DBS for the Best Collaboration of the Year award, we are very heartened and privileged to be invited for the event amidst these tough times. DBS and SPACElogic have had a longstanding partnership in the Graphics and Signage department for many years, and we look forward to our broader collaboration in many other fields. Congratulations on a successful DBS Supplier Excellence Awards 2020!”

SFA Asia Limited:
“It's indeed a great privilege for SFA to receive this supplier excellence award for Sustainability Project of the Year from DBS. Receiving this award is a great honour. The award particularly recognises our work, and it gives an amazing feeling of getting recognised for the efforts that both SFA and your DBS team put in together. It is such a win-win uniform project that DBS/SFA has launched in Hong Kong.

Towards the event content, the sharing session of the green topics is very helpful, which can nurture the green vision of our future generation, the pioneer of the future. It also helps to raise the awareness and importance of being “environment-friendly” and living a plastic-free lifestyle. Regarding the virtual event, it is unfortunate that we cannot attend the event in person due to COVID-19. However, we think that this creative virtual event platform is another innovative digital way which can gather all the people around the globe through online.

Thank you once again for this great honour. We are committed that we will carry through the “GREEN” mission continuously. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.”